Where Can This Degree Take Me?

The biblical studies major will prepare students to understand the message of the Bible and accurately interpret it using sound doctrine. Graduates will be ready to make an impact for Christ in their contemporary culture. They will also be equipped to enter seminary or other graduate programs, able to engage both theologically and philosophically with their peers.

What Can I Do After Completing the Biblical Studies Program?

In addition to being well-prepared for graduate programs in theology, divinity, and religion, students who earn a BA in biblical studies have the skills to serve the Lord in many of the following areas:

Christian Camp Leadership

Youth Ministry

Cross-Cultural Ministry & Missions

Family Ministry

Evangelistic Outreach Ministry

Para-church Ministry


Campus Ministry

Pastoral Ministry

Local Church Ministry

Biblical Studies Courses

Course Title Credits
BI 210 Biblical Interpretation 3 hrs
BI 275 Teaching the Bible 3 hrs
BI 302 Pentateuch 3 hrs
BI 304 Old Testament Prophetic Books 3 hrs
BI 306 Old Testament Poetic Books 3 hrs
BI 308 Old Testament Historical Books 3 hrs
BI 312 Life of Christ 3 hrs
BI 335 Theology of the General Epistles 3 hrs
BI 336 Theology of the Pauline Epistles 3 hrs
BI 430 Theological Issues 3 hrs
Choose three of the following courses: 9 hrs
BRS 332 Biblical Theology
BRS 340X History of Christianity
BRS 341 Theology: Prolegomena, Scripture, Theology Proper
BRS 342 Theology: Christ, Humanity, Sin, Salvation
BRS 343 Theology: Holy Spirit, Church, Last Things
Choose three of the following courses: 9 hrs
CM 211 Theology and Practice of Pastoral Ministry
CM 321 Theology and Practice of Evangelism
CM 375X Foundations of Christian Counseling
CM 331 Theology and Practice of Discipleship
CM 341 Theology and Practice of Leadership
PH 190
BRS 330
Introduction to Apologetics
Christian Evidences
Total Hours 48 hrs


Trinity Florida is part of Trinity International University. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS), listed among the top 10 divinity schools in the United States, is also part of Trinity International University. Biblical Studies majors often choose to pursue graduate studies (like the Master of Divinity) at TEDS after completing their degree.


Students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies will be able to identify the basic elements of Christian ethics, analyze biblical texts in their historical, grammatical, and theological context and explain the major doctrines of Christianity.

In addition to the core required courses across all majors, students pursuing a Biblical Studies degree will focus on courses in the following areas: biblical interpretation, ministry, theology, and apologetics.

You’ll take interesting courses like:

  • Life of Christ
  • History of Christianity
  • Theology and Practice of Pastoral Ministry


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