Trinity is a homeschool friendly community. We welcome applications from homeschooled students, knowing that the unique opportunities and experiences of your education bring value and enrichment to our student body. Each year, nearly 10% of our new students have been homeschooled for all or part of their high school years.

At Trinity, we offer a holistic, Christ-centered approach to contemporary learning. You will learn under highly qualified professors, share your perspective in discussion-based classes, and apply your knowledge in experiential learning opportunities. As you transition from homeschool to college, you may want to consider one of our accelerated or advanced programs. Here are a few of them.


Trinity’s Honors Program is designed to enhance the breadth and depth of your learning, but without the burden of many additional requirements. So, while you will do honors work in your major and general education classes, virtually all of your honors work will also fulfill regular Trinity requirements.


If you were involved in leadership in your homeschool network or church and are interested in pursuing leadership opportunities in college, you may want to consider this selective program for incoming freshmen. Emerging Leaders gives you the opportunity to experience life as a student leader from your first moments on campus.


With rigorous academics and accelerated degree completion timelines, you can jumpstart your path towards a career.

  • Earn your degree in 3 years (Link to 3-Year option page in Programs) by taking both semester classes and tuition-free summer online courses.
  • Complete your undergraduate and graduate work in only five years via our Advance: BA in Pre-Seminary Studies/MDiv at TEDS program
  • Earn both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in 5 years or less through one of our dual degree options.