Flexible Study Options

Study at Your Own Pace

Trinity gives students a variety of options for academic success that fits their lifestyle and goals. If you want to take a few college courses, but aren’t looking to complete a full degree, then consider becoming a Visiting Student. If you want to learn about a certain subject but are not sure you’re ready to enroll as a student? Then audit a class or two! Are you in high school but want to get a head start on college? Our Dual Enrollment program could be just what you’re looking for. Do you want the opportunity to get a full degree from the comfort of your own home? Trinity offers several undergraduate majors that can be completed with our online studies program like Business, Christian Ministries, and Criminal Justice. 

No matter where you are in life or where you want to go, Trinity wants to help you get there! 

“[Our various study options] are great opportunities for personalized experience and growth” 

—Fabio Fernandez, Admissions Counselor

Study Opportunities

If you’re interested in seeing what college is all about but aren’t sure you’re ready to enroll, then try auditing a class! As an auditing student you can enroll in a course without being required to complete the study and class assignments normally required of that course when taking it for credit. Although no credit is granted, the audited courses will still be recorded on your official transcript. Also, fewer admissions requirements are necessary for auditing students.

If you’re a high school junior or senior who is interested in earning college credit now rather than later, then consider attending TIU through our dual enrollment option. This is an exciting way to find out what taking a college class is really like! Plus, you are earning college credit, which can count to your final degree someday.  In this program you may take up to two (2) courses per semester as a high school junior and up to three (3) courses per semester as a high school senior. Dual enrollment students need to apply and be accepted into the program but there is a simplified admission procedure used for them. Registration for dual enrollment students takes place after TIU students register.

One way to be a part of student life at TIU is to enroll as a Visiting Student.  A Visiting Student is someone who is not pursuing a degree program but who wants to be admitted for part-time studies (a maximum of 6 hours of credit per semester or one course per May Term session). You might decide to enroll as a Visiting Student in order to take certain classes while enrolled at another college or university or to take classes for personal growth and development. There is a simplified admission process used for Visiting Students. Visiting Students at TIU are not considered to be enrolled in a degree program. However, students wishing to enroll in a degree program but only take six (6) hours or less are classified as “regular part-time students.”

Be a scholar at home! One of the most convenient ways to study and earn your degree is through our online program. A flexible online degree means you get the enrichment of college in a way you can handle. Advance your current career or prepare for a future one with any of our 100% online degrees through Trinity Online.

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