Ruby L. Owiny, PhD

Director of the Division of Education
Associate Professor of Education

Faculty Since 2013


BA, Asbury University
MA, Asbury University
PhD, University of Kentucky


[email protected]

Dr. Owiny worked for 13 years in both private Christian schools and public schools in Lexington, Kentucky. She served as an elementary classroom teacher and as a special educator. Her passion for teaching lies in the inner city where she spent 11 years of her career and worked to help create higher quality inclusive settings for students with disabilities. Her dissertation was based on virtual coaching of general education and special education teachers in Guatemala to train them in the use of specific praise.Her current research interests include identifying methods for improving the quality of inclusive settings, including strategies teachers use in their general education classrooms, the relationship of general educators with their special educator counterparts in co-teaching relationships, and the interactions of students in those settings. Outside of the university, she directs Project REACH, a ministry to teachers in third world countries, to train them in inclusive principles.

Dr. Owiny enjoys spending time with her family hiking, camping, gardening, watching movies, or playing games, among other things. She also enjoys scrapbooking and reading. In fact, she has more books stacked up to read than she’ll probably be able to read in her lifetime, both fiction and non-fiction. She is an avid Kentucky Wildcat fan (added bonus that Trinity’s blue and Kentucky’s blue are very similar in shade!) and loves basketball and football, in particular. She’s learning to like baseball, now that her son is playing. She wants to get back to playing the piano. She played from age 4 until early adulthood, but got away from it once life got busy with a family and a career. She loves worship music and loves nothing more than to sing and dance in worship (by herself, with no one else around).

Selected Publications

Lohmann, M. J., & Owiny, R. L. (2020). Christian University Teacher Education Graduates and Perceptions of Parent Collaboration: An Exploratory Study. International Christian Community of Teacher Educators Journal.Owiny, R. L., & Hartmann, E. (2020). Designing and teaching for student engagement in the online college classroom. In A. W. Thornburg, D. F. Abernathy, & R. J. Ceglie (Eds.) Handbook of Research on Developing Online Courses. Hershey, PA: IGI Global

Lohmann, M. J., Owiny, R. L., Boothe, K. A. (2019). No-Tech Solutions for Utilizing the UDL Framework in the Inclusive Mathematics Classroom. In S. L. Gronseth & E. M. Dalton (Eds.) Universal Access Through Inclusive Instructional Design: International Perspectives on UDL. London, U.K.: Routledge.

Owiny, R. L., Brawand, A., Josephson, J. (2019). Setting the stage for UDL and literacy. In W. W. Murawski & K. L. Scott (Eds.) What really works with universal design for learning. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press, Inc.

Owiny, R. L., Green, A. L., Hott, B., Dykes, F., Stevens, A. C., Randolph, K. (2019). Guidelines for implementing positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS) content into teacher preparation programs (Teacher Education Division Practice Brief No. 4).


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