Our Faculty

Daniel Ayala, PhD

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Paul Bialek, PhD

Director of the Division of Science, Technology, and Health Sciences Chair, Mathematics Department Professor of Mathematics

David Bryan, PhD

Director of TEDS Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Director of the Master of Divinity Assistant Professor of New Testament (Undergraduate)

Gregory C. Carlson, PhD

Director of Church Relations Professor of Leadership

Susan Corapi, PhD

Associate Professor of Education

Chris Firestone, PhD

Chair, Philosophy Department Professor of Philosophy

Bradley J. Gundlach, PhD

Distinguished Professor of History Chair, Department of History

Joshua R. Held, PhD

Director of the Honors Program Associate Professor of English Chair, Department of English

Kristin Lindholm, PhD

Director, Division of Social Science Professor of Communication Chair, Department of Communications

Eugene B. Loftin, JD

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Craig M. Long, PhD

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies Associate Dean of the Waupun Correctional Extension Site (WI)

Wendy L. Martin, PhD

Chair, Department of Business Professor of Business

Chrystal Ho Pao, PhD

Professor of Biology Chair, Department of Biology and Chemistry

Catherine Pecoraro, PhD

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Jeffrey Price, MBA

Clinical Associate Professor of Business

Timothy M. Robinson, EdD

Chair, Department of Psychology Associate Professor of Psychology

Martha L. Shin, MBA

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Aaron C. Smith, MS

Assistant Professor of Health and Wellness Chair, Department of Health Sciences

Adina Stanculescu, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biology

Karen Wrobbel, EdD

Dean of Trinity College and Graduate School Professor of Education

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