Concert Choir

The Concert Choir has been the premier choral organization of the Trinity College music program since its inception. Repertoire for this coed group ranges from chant and the polychoral masterpieces of the sixteenth century, masterworks from the Baroque to the Romantic eras, 21st-century compositions, spirituals, and contemporary gospel settings. Full-time faculty member, Professor Chuck King, conducts the Concert Choir.

Come One Come All

From places as far as India and London, or as near as Chicago, students in the Concert Choir come from across the country and around the world. The Choir is also made up of men and women studying in a variety majors—not just music majors!

On campus, you will often find choir students involved in chapel music teams, Trinity’s biannual Coffee House, leading men’s and women’s groups, and in athletic competition.

What to Expect

The Choir meets four hours each week preparing for campus concerts, national and international tours, local church concerts, and occasional chapel services. Each year’s repertoire consists of pieces in multiple languages and a wide range of styles, from Gregorian chant to contemporary gospel, modern worship songs to classic works for orchestra and chorus. 


Alongside the Symphonic Band, the Concert Choir takes a series of tours all across the country and the world. Domestically, the Choir and Band travel to various states across America. In recent years they’ve traveled throughout the Midwest, as well as Florida, and Kansas. Internationally, every four years the students tour all across central Europe. With several connections to churches and schools throughout Germany, France, Spain, Slovakia, and many more. 

2020 Performances

Unless noted, all concerts are held in A.T.O. Chapel (see campus map). Tickets are available at the door or in advance by calling 847-712-6754.

2020 Performance Dates:

Symphonic Band & Concert Choir Spring Tour: TBD
Concert Choir and Trinity Philharmonic Orchestra Concert: TBD


“The Choir is a unique community of undergraduate students united in the special work of making music that lifts the spirit and glorifies God.”

—Professor Charles King, Choir Director


Audition Information

Auditions for the Concert Choir are held at the beginning and end of every semester. Any students wishing to audition will be expected to perform one prepared piece of their choice, sight-singing, and vocalization.

Contact Melody Velleur at [email protected] for more information.