Thanks for your interest in applying to Trinity College! We seek to join faith and learning, inspiring possibilities as you explore how your Christian faith impacts every area of life. Whatever captures your imagination or fuels your hopes and dreams, Trinity’s faculty and staff are ready to help you make them come true!


Our Admissions counselors will personally work with you to answer any of your questions about degree programs, or what it’s like to be a Trinity student. Reach out to our Admissions team today! Just click the link below or call us at: 800.822.3225 or email [email protected]



Whether you’re a first-time student, homeschooled student, transfer student or otherwise, you’ll find useful information below to get you started. Trinity offers many scholarships and grants and all students qualify for a scholarship in at least one of several areas like academics, athletics, diversity, transfer students and more! Our goal is to make Trinity affordable to anyone who desires to attend. Go to to see how you can save.

Did you know that Trinity College has more than 60 programs of study ranging from Christian Ministries and Elementary Education to the Sciences and Humanities. Along with a bachelor’s degree, students can complete an additional master’s degree in as little as five years in Bioethics, Divinity, Intercultural Studies, Leadership, and Psych/Mental Health Counseling (six years). Explore what we have to offer at Trinity today!

Trinity College Majors

To see what you may need to apply, click the link below for general admissions requirements:




Please complete the following steps to be considered for admission to Trinity.

  1. Fill out the online application
  2. Send us your official high school transcripts. If submitting transcripts via email, send to [email protected].
    1. If applicable, also submit paperwork showing college credits earned (dual credits earned in high school, AP scores, college transcripts, etc)
  3. TIU is waiving the SAT/ACT test requirement for 2020 and 2021.  If you took either test, we encourage you to send us your scores.  (You will not be penalized for a low score.  Please send electronically to [email protected] if possible.)

Your admissions counselor will follow up with you if additional material is required. This material may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Personal reference(s)
  • Interview
  • Additional writing sample
  • Additional standardized test
  • Third party transcript evaluation

First year students who fall short of the 2.5 minimum GPA required to be accepted will be asked to submit some additional information before being considered, which might include:

  • A personal essay on why you’d like to enroll at TIU and why you’ll succeed.
  • 1 reference from a pastor, teacher, or counselor.
  • You are welcome and encouraged to submit any other supporting documents like a FAFSA, test scores, additional references, or a sample of something you’ve written in high school.




We are delighted that you are considering continuing your education at Trinity! Approximately one-third of our new students each year transfer from other schools – that means you’ll be greeted by a rich community of people who have made the same life-changing decision.

Please complete the steps below to be considered for admission to Trinity.

  1. Read all information for transfer students (including transfer credit guides, special scholarship opportunities, and more).
  2. Fill out the online application.
  3. Send us all your official college and final high school transcripts. If electing to submit transcripts via email, please send to [email protected].
  4. TIU is waiving the SAT/ACT test requirement for 2020 and 2021.  If you took either test, we encourage you to send us your scores.  (You will not be penalized for a low score.  Please send electronically to [email protected] if possible.)
  5. Trinity also awards college credit for military experiences, AP exams (minimum score of 3 or higher), and CLEP exams. For more information, view our AP Credit Equivalencies or see the University Records page.

Your enrollment counselor will follow up with you if additional material is required. This material may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Personal reference(s)
  • Interview
  • Additional writing sample
  • Additional standardized test
  • Third party transcript evaluation




We welcome all homeschool students and invite you to apply to Trinity College! Did you know that nearly 10% of our student body was homeschooled? At Trinity, we believe that the unique opportunities your education provided you adds value to our campus community.


As you consider Trinity for your college education, be sure to speak to one of our admissions counselors about how to apply. As you transition from homeschool to college, you may want to consider one of our accelerated or advanced programs. Click the link below to learn more!

Homeschool Study Options





We are proud to be an international university. We currently have students from 46 countries studying at Trinity, and our alumni are serving across the world on each of the six major continents. No matter what country you call home, we invite you to join our diverse community.

Welcome to Trinity International University!

  1. Complete the English Requirements for admission. If English is not your primary language you will need to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), for which you may either take the Internet-based Test (IBT) or the Paper-based Test (PBT). Use code 1797 to submit your scores to the Admissions Office. The Undergraduate Admissions Office requires that the test is no more than 2 years old, requiring a minimum score of 71 for the internet-based test or a 530 for the paper-based test.
  2. Fill out the online application.
  3. Submit your high school transcripts (2.5 GPA required) and any college transcripts that you may have as well as the ACT (school code: 1150) or SAT (school code: 1810) or CLT (19 ACT, 900 SAT or 64 CLT required). If your education was completed outside of the United States or at a non-English speaking school your transcripts will need to be submitted through a foreign credit evaluation service. Examples: World Education Services, InCred, or Educational Credential Evaluators.
  4. Submit a Spiritual Recommendation.
  5. Complete your Certificate of Finance form and submit it to the International Student and Scholar Office. A copy of this form will be included with your letter of acceptance.
  6. Send in your deposit to receive your I-20 or DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility. A $2000 (U.S.) deposit is required before an I-20 or DS-2019 (Certificate of Eligibility) can be issued to you. This deposit will be saved in your student account and can be used toward your tuition and fees. Should you decide not to attend Trinity, this deposit will be refunded to you if admissions is notified by the appropriate date.
  7. Pay the $200 SEVIS Fee to the United States government. This fee needs to be paid prior to your F or J visa interview. You will receive more information about this fee when you receive your I-20.
  8. Contact the U.S. Embassy in your country to set up a visa appointment interview, once you have received your I-20. More information about the visa application procedures will be sent to you with your I-20. Remember that the F-1 and J-1 visa requires you to be a full-time student during your time in the United States.


Trinity guarantees a minimum of $14,000 in scholarship for international students that are accepted to the university. We also offer scholarships for high academic achievement, music, and athletics.



We have an admissions counselor focused entirely on serving international students. If you have any questions, contact Admissions at 847.317.7000 or email [email protected].



Students who stop taking courses for a semester or more and desire to return, are considered readmit applicants.

Reapplying is made easy by completing the Supplementary Application for Readmittance.

  1. Fill out the Supplementary Application for ReadmittanceThere is no application fee.
  2. Send official transcripts to the Admissions Operations Office from any schools you may have attended since leaving Trinity.

Once we have received your application, your file will be reviewed by the following offices for approval: Student Accounting, Student Development, and the Associate Academic Dean. If clearance has been granted by each of these offices, you will be re-accepted to the university for the requested semester.

After you are accepted, these are the next steps:

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) if you are interested in receiving financial aid.
  2. Submit a $150.00 Enrollment Deposit ($100.00 if living off-campus) and a Room Reservation Form if you will be living on-campus. (Your admissions counselor will notify you if your deposit is still on your account.)
  3. Register for classes. Once your deposit has been received, your admissions counselor will walk you through the process to register for classes. Readmit students may register each semester after returning students complete registration and prior to new student registration.




An auditing student may enroll in a course for no credit and pay a special auditing fee. These students have access to course materials and are encouraged to participate in class discussions, but may not need to complete homework or take exams. Auditing students do not receive a grade at the end of the course.

  1. Fill out the online application.
  2. After you complete the Admissions process you can register for classes. Auditing students may register each semester after returning students complete registration.




Visiting students are permitted to take up to six hours per academic semester or one course during May term. These students are not enrolled in a degree program at Trinity.

  1. Read all academic regulations for visiting students (below)
  2. Fill out the online application.
  3. Send us proof of high school graduation (final high school transcript).


  1. Students wishing to enroll in a degree program but only taking six (6) hours or less are classified as regular part-time students. Students should obtain the correct forms from the Admissions Office. (Remember that 30 of the last 45 hours must be spent as a regular full-time student in order to meet degree requirements. See letter “C” below.)
  2. Required Admissions Credentials: In order to secure authorization for enrollment as a Visiting Student at Trinity, an applicant must submit a Visiting Student Application, and proof of high school graduation (final high school transcript).
  3. Changing from Visiting Student status to Regular Student status: Submit all required Regular Student application credentials along with a letter signifying your intent to change from Visiting Student status to that of a Regular Student. As outlined in the catalog, you will be required to complete 30 hours in residence study as a Regular Student in order to qualify for a Trinity degree. Change in status becomes effective for the following semester.
  4. Visiting Student Registration: Visiting Students must be fully registered before attending classes. Designated registration times specifically for Visiting Students are announced each academic semester. Students who complete registration after the designated times will be billed a late registration fee.
  5. Payment: Due at the time of registration.
  6. Academic Calendar: Found in the current catalog.
  7. Refunds, Withdrawals, and Changes-in-Registration: Standard procedures and specific deadlines apply to Visiting Students (including changes from enrollment on a credit basis to enrollment on an audit basis). Check the current catalog or inquire at the Records Office for details.
    1. Evaluations of transfer credits and of progress toward degree requirements are made only for those enrolled as Regular Students.
    2. No academic advisor is assigned to Visiting Students.
    3. Student identification cards are not issued to Visiting Students unless specifically requested.
    4. Mailboxes are not assigned.



Trinity generously offers NO FEE to apply and you won’t have to wait to be accepted to hear from us. We promise to notify you immediately, upon receiving your application. So if you’re ready to get started, you can apply here: