Trinity COVID-19 Response Fund

Our students come to Trinity because they want to serve others. Right now, we have the opportunity to serve them. Would you consider giving to the Trinity COVID-19 Relief Fund today?


 The COVID-19 health crisis continues to impact each of our lives in significant ways. In this difficult season, Trinity remains committed to our mission to educate men and women to engage in God’s redemptive work in the world. As we seek to fulfill this mission, we know that the current health crisis is bringing substantial financial difficulties to our students, their families, and Trinity as an organization. By the time this is over, Trinity will have sustained a seven-digit loss of revenues, which presents one of the most serious threats that we have experienced since Trinity was formed over 125 years ago.

Many of our students face the difficult decision of whether or not to give up their educational pursuits because of the financial impact of the COVID-19 outbreak upon their families. Nationally, nearly one third of students planning to attend college in the fall have experienced a loss of family income. Trinity students are feeling this pain.

Our students come to Trinity because they want to serve others. Right now, we have the opportunity to serve them.

We are asking you to sacrificially give to the Trinity COVID-19 Response Fund so that our students can have an affordable education during these difficult times and so that Trinity can provide a thriving, adaptable educational environment. These funds will be used to keep the cost of education as low as possible, mitigate the revenue losses resulting from the virus, provide student scholarships, and enable students to continue their education at Trinity without incurring additional debt. Your gift can be the reason why one of our students is able to continue with Trinity this Fall instead of dropping out due to finances.

Would you consider giving to the Trinity COVID-19 Response Fund today?

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Where can I send a check?
Checks can be made out to Trinity International University, with “Trinity Response Fund” as the memo line. They can be sent to:

Trinity International University
Advancement and University Relations
2065 Half Day Road
Deerfield, IL 60015


How is Trinity adapting to the challenges COVID-19 has presented?
On Monday April 20th, Trinity’s President, Nicholas Perrin called for two weeks of prayer. The leadership at Trinity recognizes that any actions we take need to start with prayer for wisdom and direction. President Perrin is working with the leadership at Trinity to navigate these current times, discerning what is necessary to open our campuses for the fall 2020 academic year. We desire students, faculty, and staff to be safe. During this difficult season, we are looking at what it means to offer the Trinity experience in ways that are sensitive to the economic realities of these times.

How is Trinity caring for students in this time?
Every decision we make is being guided by our long-standing commitment to prioritize the safety and holistic wellbeing of our students, staff, faculty, and surrounding community. For this reason, we made the decision to move all courses to remote instruction for the remainder of the spring term, even when we knew this would have a significant financial impact. We are offering students credits and refunds for prorated room and board charges and have committed to keep our staff employed by strategically reconfiguring positions and relocating personnel. We are working to ensure that our students have high quality education in a context of empathy and care. Our faculty has done an outstanding job transitioning to remote instruction format in order that our students might continue to receive the same high-quality education they seek at Trinity.

We are also taking special care of our international students and their families. Trinity is a truly international community, with over 170 international students from nearly 40 countries. These students face immediate and unique challenges. For that reason, we set up an International Student Relief Fund and partnered with local churches to assist international students and their families through the purchase of groceries, covering the cost of housing, and employing those who have recently lost their jobs. We praise God for the generosity of these churches and friends who have already donated and pledged over $50,000 to this effort.

How has Trinity lost revenue?
Trinity’s entities from south Florida, to LA, to Camp Timber-lee in Wisconsin, to the Deerfield campus are each facing significant losses of revenue. These losses are multi-faceted, from loss of revenue from summer events at Timber-lee camp and our Deerfield campus, to offering students credits and refunds for prorated room and board charges. Recruitment efforts face unique challenges, and some students that were intending to continue their education in the fall have indicated their financial situation will no longer allow them to do so.

How has Trinity attempted to reduce its budget in the last year and since the onset of the COVID-19 health crisis?
In the last year, Trinity has taken significant steps to reduce organizational expenses, most notably with the restructuring of staff in September 2019, including the reduction of nearly 40 positions. Trinity’s faculty voluntarily contributed $163,000 to support Trinity in the fall term, which the Board of Regents matched 3:1. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Trinity has pared down certain campus functions to a minimum, including food service and events services. Over a dozen staff have been repurposed for all or part of their work to a new area. Several part time roles with Trinity are now operating with reduced schedules.

Questions? Or want more information?
Please contact our Monita Chiu, 847.317.7007, or email [email protected]