MA IN Ministry

36 credit hours / 2–3  years

Why study Ministry at TEDS?

Your MA in Ministry specialization is unique to your current ministry context in a local church, parachurch, or other church-related ministry. Our broadly evangelical heritage and rich pool of experienced faculty, combined with the flexibility to focus your program very specifically, make the MA in Ministry an excellent way to grow in wise stewardship of the ministry God’s given you.


Besides the requirements for general admission, you’ll want to be aware of the following basic prerequisites (see full prerequisites for more explanation):

  • You’ll need an accredited baccalaureate degree;
  • Your GPA must be at least a 2.5 on a 4.0 scale (though there can be exceptions);
  • You’ll need to have taken courses in Old Testament, New Testament, and theology;
  • We’ll ask for a personal ministry statement, a formal pastoral or ministry supervisor letter of recommendation, and we may request an interview.


Courses you will take include the following:


A minimum of one course (2 hours) each in Old Testament, New Testament, Theology, and History.


A minimum of four courses in ministry application, two of which (6 hours total) must be in a particular area of ministry specialization that provides a foundation for the capstone integrative experience.

Required: PT 5000 Personal Assessment and Ministry Orientation

*Areas of Ministry Specialization recently completed by MA in Ministry graduates or current students include those below. These areas and courses are suggested and may vary according to the needs of the student and availability of courses. While 6 hours in a Specialization are required, 6-9 additional hours plus the Capstone Experience enable a student to complete as many as 14 or more semester hours in the Specialization. Course work is also available through cross-registration into other seminaries in the Association of Chicago Theological Schools (ACTS) consortium. Consult your advisor for course recommendations.

Course Title Credits
ID 7465 MA in Min Capstone Experience 3–6 hours

A ministry-based experience that integrates the biblical/theological/historical with the ministry practice and context components of the program and provides the capacity for further specialized service in the church (ID 7465). This intensive experience may be a practicum or a project and (for 3 semester hours) will reflect a minimum of 168 hours (12 hr/wk for 14 wks) of experiential learning and be accompanied by a 7,500-to-10,000-word (25-30 page) critical analysis paper demonstrating integration of program components with the area of ministry specialization.


Field Education

All MA in Ministry students must fulfill field education requirements. Learn more about field ed here.

Ministry Specialization

The Areas of Ministry Specialization listed below are four potential tracks for the MA in Ministry programs. These areas of ministry specialization and the courses listed in each area are suggested and may vary according to the needs of the students and availability of courses.


Students desiring to cultivate their preaching and teaching gifts in the context of the local church can pursue a preaching and teaching focus. Recommended courses include the following:

Course Title Credits
EM 5125 Teaching and Learning 2–3 hours
HM 5000 Theology and Methodology of
Biblical Preaching
1 hour
HM 6610 Preaching Narrative 1 hour
HM 6620 Preaching Poetry and Prophecy 2 hours
HM 7210 Expository Preaching of a Biblical Book 2 hours
HM 7400 Seminar: History of Preaching 2 hours
HM 8000 Seminar: Current Issues 1–3 hours
ME 8215 Teaching Across Cultures 3 hours
NT 6600 Preaching from the New Testament 1 hour
OT 6600 Preaching from the Old Testament 1 hour

Students interested in pursuing spiritual formation, equipping others in spiritual formation, and providing pastoral care can pursue a spiritual formation and pastoral care focus. Recommended courses include the following:

Course Title Credits
CM 5000 Intro to Counseling Ministries 2 hours
CM 6572 Pastoral Counseling for Marriage & Family 3 hours
DE 5740 Spiritual Formation 3 hours
EM 5000 Foundations in Educational Ministry 2–3 hours
EM 5510 Christian Formation & Journey 2 hours
EM 6275 Developing Healthy Spiritual Leaders 2–3 hours
EM 6000 Current Topics in Educational Ministries (suggested topics: Adolescent Spirituality OR Marriage Enrichment) 1–3 hours

Students committed to cultural engagement, multi-ethnic ministry, and/or engaging a diverse world for the sake of the gospel can pursue a cultural engagement focus. Recommended courses include the following:

Course Title Credits
CC 5610 Cultural Hermeneutics 2 hours
CC 5615 Cultural Engagement 3 hours
HM 8000 Seminar: Current Issues
(topic: Preaching and Culture)
1–3 hours
ME 7710 Contextualization 3–4 hours
ME 8210 Intercultural Communications 3–4 hours
ME 8215 Teaching Across Cultures 3 hours
ME 9085 Global Migration and Diaspora of
Faith Communities
3 hours
PT 7842 Understanding the Urban World 2 hours
PT 7860 Social & Cultural Exegesis 2–3 hours
ST 6011 Global Theologies 2 hours

Students with backgrounds or interests in organizational leadership can pursue a leadership focus. Recommended courses include the following:

Course Title Credits
CM 6000 Issues in Counseling Ministries, Issues in Counseling Ministry 1–3 hours
EM 5000 Foundations in Educational Ministry 2–3 hours
EM 5210 Christian Leadership and Administration 2–3 hours
EM 6265 Building Ministry Teams 2–3 hours
EM 6270 Building Community in the Church 2–3 hours
ME 5001 Foundations of Evangelism 2 hours
ME 6963 Principles of Discipleship 3 hours
OT 6000 Current Studies in Old Testament 1–3 hours
PT 7210 Pastoral Practices 2–3 hours
PT 7220 Pastoral Leadership 2–3 hours
PT 7225
The Essence of Biblical Leadership hours
PT 7410 Denominational History & Polity 1 hour
PT 8000 Current Issues
(topic: Essence of Biblical Leadership)
2–3 hours
ST 5200 Christian Ethics 3 hours


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