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Trinity’s Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling is designed to provide a quality, licensure-track program for students who desire a professional context from which to share hope and healing with hurting people. Professional excellence is fostered through academic course work, quality fieldwork, and other formative opportunities. Training in relevant mental health methodology, built on a solid, biblical foundation of knowledge and theological understanding, equips students to bring their Christian faith into focus in the practice of professional mental health counseling. The program is designed to serve those students who will enter counseling as their primary professional vocation with an underlying sense of ministry purpose.



With two different concentrations in Mental Health and Guidance, the program exposes students to all aspects of counseling which can be applied in a wide range of fields. Students are challenged to critically reflect upon their personal growth and refine their counseling skills in order to provide the most ethical and professional care for clients.

The Mental Health Counseling track is intended to train students to become licensed professionals in the state of Florida. Field based internship is required.

The Guidance & Counseling track is intended to prepare students to function as guidance counselors in school systems in the state of Florida. Field based practicum is required.



Students graduating from the MA/MHC program will be able to:

  • Integrate a biblical worldview in counseling theory and practice
  • Apply their faith in areas of service to underserved client populations
  • Adhere to cultural competency standards when working with the needs of diverse clients
  • Display through content knowledge the core competency areas in the field of counseling psychology
  • Assess, deliver, and document appropriate interventions that are consistent with current standards of care in the counseling profession
  • Critically reflect upon their personal growth and refine their counseling skills in order to provide ethical and professional care for clients
COMMON CORE COURSES (6 credit hrs)
Course Title Credits
ID 5001 Foundations of Integrative Thought 3 hrs
ID 5002 Foundations of Cultural Engagement 3 hrs
Required Counseling Courses
REQUIRED COURSES (27 credit hrs)
Course Title Credits
MH 5210 Counseling Skills Training 3 hrs
MH 5310 Counseling Theories 3 hrs
MH 6110 Career Counseling 3 hrs
MH 6130 Group Counseling 3 hrs
MH 6520 Human Growth and Development 3 hrs
MH 6710 Psychology and Theology 3 hrs
MH 6720 Ethics and Issues in Counseling 3 hrs
MH 7210 Psychological Testing 3 hrs
MH 7900 Psychological Research 3 hrs
Capstone (Non-Licensure)

MA in Mental Health Counseling students not pursuing licensure may opt to complete the degree by choosing among two capstone options (project or thesis) or the International Counseling Experience with the program director’s approval. Students completing the capstone options will need 60 credit hours for graduation.

Course Title Credits
MH 7480 Mental Health Counseling Capstone Integrative Paper 3 hrs
MH 7478 Counseling Psychology Capstone Project 3 hrs
MH 7485 Counseling Psychology Thesis 3 hrs
MH 7910 Advanced Research Methods (Required with Thesis) 3 hrs
MH 7969 International Counseling Experience 3 hrs