124 credit hours


Whether you work in the private or public sector, the Organizational Leadership major will give you the skills you need to lead and manage personnel and projects in a variety of organizational settings.

Qualify for positions as a project manager, retail manager, director of human resources, sales manager, or office manager.

Learn to think like a leader — to increase your self-awareness, to learn from experience, and to solve complex problems.

Cultivate leadership skills to manage diverse employees, to communicate key information, and to lead effective teams.

Develop the ethical dimensions of leadership to lead with character and wisdom.

Transition into a variety of master’s programs.


Students who graduate with a BA in Organizational Leadership will take courses in the following areas.

Organizational Leadership Core: 48 hrs
Course Title Credits
BUS 111 Principles of Management 3 hours
BUS 113 Principles of Marketing 3 hours
BUS 115 Human Resource Management 3 hours
BUS 301 Legal Environment of Organizations 3 hours
BUS 302 Project Management 3 hours
BUS 328 Quantitative Skills for Managers 3 hours
BUS 340 Visionary Leadership 3 hours
BUS 341 Leading Teams 3 hours
BUS 346 Organizational Behavior 3 hours
BUS 351 Organizational Development 3 hours
BUS 423 Introduction to Management Information Systems 3 hours
BUS 426 Strategic Planning 3 hours
BUS 426 Leadership and Organizational Culture 3 hours
BUS 481 Organizational Ethics 3 hours
COM 210 Business and Professional Communication 3 hours
COM 335 Intercultural Communication in a Global Context 3 hours
General Education: 33 hours
Course Title Credits
(Varies) Biblical Studies / Theology /
Lifelong Learning
9 hours
(Varies) College Writing 6 hours
(Varies) Humanities 6 hours
(Varies) Math or Computer Science 3 hours
(Varies) Science 3 hours
(Varies) Social Science 3 hours

These requirements may be met by taking TIU courses (traditional face-to-face, accelerated face-to-face, modular, hybrid, and/or online), though transfer credit, credit for prior college-level learning, or credit by examination. No one course can satisfy two General Education requirements. No more than 9 credits can simultaneously count for both General Education and any major.



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