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Why enter the Accelerated BA/MA in Intercultural Studies program at TIU?

The Accelerated Degree Program is particularly appealing to current students in the Christian Ministries/Intercultural Emphasis or Intercultural Studies minor, as well as to those who are thinking in terms of social issues, MK or expatriate education, tent-making, and micro-enterprise. The complexity of ministry in a world of globalization, resurgent traditional religions, growth of the non-Western church, migration, urbanization, and rapid change demands the highest quality of academic, spiritual, and practical preparation. Trinity’s MA in Intercultural Studies seeks to meet this need in a flexible and integrated format.

Did you know?

You’ll be required to complete Field Education, which will help you gain practical experience while earning your degrees!


Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Trinity International University offers a unique opportunity for qualified Trinity students who have demonstrated a heart for missions and a desire to pursue intercultural studies. You will take courses in missions, social science, Bible, theology, cross-cultural communication, and participate in field education to gain the hands-on experience necessary to be effective as a missionary, an overseas educator, or foreign worker.


An undergraduate student may earn a graduate degree in Intercultural Studies as early as the fall following the senior year by taking graduate-level courses beginning the junior year. Nine hours of coursework from the MA/ICS meets the requirements for the BA. In this manner, the program accelerates the BA and MA/ICS. These 9 overlapping graduate hours are taken as part of the undergraduate load, resulting in a savings of graduate tuition and an enrichment of the student’s educational experience.

Program requirements

Accelerated Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts (Intercultural Studies)
Trinity College students may apply for the accelerated TEDS MA/ICS program upon completion of 70 hours of undergraduate work. The following are also required:
A minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0
A recommendation from the undergraduate academic advisor and the TC program chair
A completed TEDS application
An personal interview with an MA/ICS faculty member
Completion of 8 hours of undergraduate missions and social science courses
with a minimum 3.0 GPA in each
Completion of a minimum of 9 hours of undergraduate Bible and theology
through BI 101, BI 111, and BI 210 with a minimum 3.0 GPA in each
Completion of an intercultural experience of at least two weeks
consisting of mission-type activities
MA/ICS Concentration Graduation Requirements
In addition to the “General Graduation Requirements for All Master’s Programs,”
the following are required for the MA/ICS:
1. Complete all course work in the program, including required Field Education, with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5, with no course work graded below a “C-” applicable to the degree. A minimum of 18 hours must be taken on the Deerfield Campus with the remaining hours available as arranged in field based, independent study, and other concentration specific experiences.
2. Completion of general comprehensive requirements in Old Testament,
New Testament, and two in Systematic Theology are met through
required course work in these areas.
3. Successfully write the major comprehensive exam.
4. Complete a Master of Arts capstone project for the MA/ICS, which is an internship (2 hours) and an integrative paper (2 hours) or a thesis (2 hours) on an approved topic, exhibiting the ability to do competent research, to think critically, and to communicate effectively in the area of emphasis.
5. The student will work with department faculty or the chair to plan specific details of the program content related to academic and professional goals.


Mission Pastor Short-Term Missionary
Mission Leader “Tentmakers” and Marketplace Professionals
Mission Strategist MK or Expatriate Educator
Career Missionary


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