Jay Y. Noh, PhD

Director, Korea DMin Program; Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology

Faculty Since 1994


BA, University of Central Florida
MDiv, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
ThM, Princeton Theological Seminary
PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


[email protected]

Since 1994, Dr. Jay Noh has taught New Testament and Greek at Trinity, Wheaton, Golden Gate among other schools. Also, as the Director of Leadership Development and Missional Mobilization with the 200 Anglo, African-American, Latino and Asian churches in the Chicagoland Metro Baptist Association, he has developed leaders and missional strategies and led mission trips to Inner Mongolia, China, Japan, and Panama.

He would love to see churches develop the younger generation to bring gospel credibility to the many broken, systemic issues facing our world, especially in our populous, multiethnic cities.

불변하는 복음의 진리를 가지고 급변하는 현장에서 목회사역을 하고계시는 모든분들을 뜨겁게 응원합니다. 본 과정을 통해 사도 바울의 냉철한 지성과 사도 야고보가 강조한 삶에서 맻혀지는 구체적 열매와 예수께서 요구하시는 전심에서 우러나오는 내면의 변화가 우리 삶과 사역에서 개발되기를 바랍니다.


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