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Trinity offers the flexibility to pursue a wide variety of bachelor’s and master’s degrees from almost anywhere in the world through our online programs. You will receive a quality education without leaving your current job, ministry, or community. Earn your degree 100% online through any of our schools:

Trinity College

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS)

Trinity Graduate School

Trinity Law School

Trinity College

A flexible online degree means you get the enrichment of a Trinity College education in a way you can handle. Advance your current career or prepare for a future vocation with a bachelor’s degree earned online. Currently, we offer four fully online degrees that will equip you for a future business career, Christian ministries role, to become a mental health counselor or a police officer.

Bachelor of Arts in Business
Develop a variety of practical skills. Business majors experience and learn how different organizations, large and small businesses, nonprofits, and ministries are effectively run using the latest technology and business tools. (Credits: 124 / Length: 4 years.)

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries
Christian ministries students graduate ready for service in missions, churches, and parachurch organizations. They can walk confidently in their calling, with the skills necessary for future ministry. We offer a well-rounded approach through the following five program goals: personal maturity, people skills, penetration of culture, programming, and philosophy. (Credits: 124 / Length: 4 years.)

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Understanding how people think and behave and why, as well as the reason that relationships exist between them, are the essential challenges of psychology. By choosing the psychology major at Trinity, you can prepare yourself to engage and answer those questions. (Credits: 124 / Length: 4 years.)

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice
Build a strong foundation in the study of criminology, criminal law, legal systems, corrections, and policing. This program will prepare you to enter advanced programs in legal studies and law enforcement as well as related careers in the criminal justice field. (Credits: 124 / Length: 4 years.)

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TEDS combines unrivaled academic rigor with wholehearted commitment to gospel fidelity and an abundance of flexible options.  Our TEDS online degrees offer you a theological education that equips you to serve Christ with wisdom and grace, in truth and love.

Master of Divinity
Now available online, on campus, or both! The TEDS MDiv has always provided training in Scripture, theology, pastoral practices, leadership, preaching, and spiritual formation. Our curriculum develops skills in cultural and biblical interpretation. Develop a Christian worldview that equips you to engage your culture for the gospel’s sake.

Master of Arts/Theological Studies
Our MA/Theological Studies draws from our curriculum in biblical, theological, historical, and global areas, combined with a substantial number of elective hours that allow each student to uniquely shape his or her coursework. It’s our most flexible program both in focus and delivery. It can be completed in its entirety at our extension sites or online, or in combination with online courses for a hybrid option. You can also complete your degree with summer coursework on our Deerfield campus (as well as in traditional full- and part-time formats on campus). This degree’s particular concern is to relate the broad field of theological studies to the work of the church, and we give our students plenty of opportunities to focus their study on particular interest areas. (Credits: 42 / Length: 2-3 years.)

Master of Arts/Educational Ministries
This flexible degree program is ideal for ministry leaders who want to improve and expand their service in the local church and related educational settings. You may be a teacher or ministry director with a specialty in one area, like youth or family ministries, who seeks additional understanding and skills to serve as a reflective practitioner equipping others. Our program will help you by focusing your coursework on three themes in educational ministry: Congregational Life (family, age-specific and inter-generational ministry), Collaborative Ministry Engagement (leadership, small groups, teams), and Formational Learning (formational discipleship, teaching, and learning). You can take this degree entirely through TEDS Online, in person at Trinity, or through a mixture of both. (Credits: 32 / Length: 1-2 years.)

Master of Arts/Intercultural Studies
This program provides specialized study in the discipline of intercultural studies and Christian mission. The MA/ICS is suitable for persons seeking academic preparation for service as missionaries, cross-cultural workers, teachers, strategists, and researchers. It may also serve as an intermediate step toward doctoral study in a related area.

Our Certificates allow you to choose what master’s-level courses you need in order to strengthen your ministry. You may be a leader who wants to grow in your teaching ability, or at a career transition and wondering about going into ministry. Or you may want to improve at what you’re already doing. Whatever work you’ve been given, our Certificate programs can help you do it better. If you decide you want more education, our certificate program will prepare you well for a Master of Divinity or another master’s degree at Trinity, with part of your coursework already completed. We offer Certificate studies in educational ministries, organizational leadership, teaching and learning, and theological studies. (Credits: 24 / Length: 1-2 years.)

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Trinity Graduate School

Are you a healthcare professional, social worker, or minister who desires a strong foundation in bioethics to give you the tools to address the scientific and societal issues of our time? Than our MA in Bioethics might be a great fit for you!

Master of Arts in Bioethics
The MA in Bioethics is designed for recent college graduates and working professionals who desire a foundation in bioethics for their studies, jobs, and public engagement. Health care workers, scientists, lawyers, clergy, and many others including those working in non-profit organizations will benefit from this flexible 30-semester-hour program, well-suited to those with heavy professional responsibilities. Individuals preparing for an academic career will develop a strong background in bioethics for active, relevant participation in related college or university fields. The program can be completed without relocating to the Deerfield, Illinois, area, making it an excellent choice for students who are committed to ministry and professional life in a different location. (Credits: 30 / Length: 1-4 years.)

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Trinity Law School

Juris Doctor (JD)

The Juris Doctor program consists of 90 units earned over a three-year (full-time) or four-year (part-time) period. The State Bar of California permits Trinity Law School JD students to earn the entire accredited degree either online, on-campus, or a combination of the two.

Master of Legal Studies (Bioethics)
Over-reaching reproductive technologies, euthanasia, testing on human embryos, insurance regulations that put the patient second — all of these show that the value of human life is being lost on many fronts. If you are looking to make a difference in areas such as these, Trinity’s Master of Legal Studies in Bioethics will not only provide you with the philosophical bioethical arguments, but the legal arguments as well. It will prepare you for a profession where real change can take place. (Credits: 30 / Length: 20 months.)

Master of Legal Studies (Human Rights)
Many people want to stand in the gap for those whose human rights are being violated but don’t know how to do it. While many human rights organizations raise awareness, they often fail to offer real solutions. Trinity’s Master of Legal Studies in Human Rights will help you to find legal solutions to complex human rights violations and prepares you to offer real relief to real suffering. (Credits: 30 / Length: 20 months.)

Master of Legal Studies (Non-Profit Organizations)
Whether you work for a non-profit organization or want to start your own, you need to be able to effectively lead your organization in order to further your cause. Trinity’s Master of Legal Studies in Non-Profit Organizations prepares you to do just that, while also giving you a strong background in the law so that your organization is protected as you make progress. (Credits: 30 / Length: 20 months.)

Master of Legal Studies (Human Resources Management)
Working in Human Resources today means you will be bombarded with legal questions and governmental regulations on a daily basis. With so much on the line, you can’t afford to feel unprepared. By giving you an understanding of law as it relates to your role in HR, Trinity’s Master of Legal Studies in Human Resources Management gives you the skills to confidently lead where many others are unprepared to go. (Credits: 30 / Length: 20 months.)

Master of Legal Studies (Church & Ministry Management)
If you lead a church, you know that there are many legal risks involved. Religious freedom issues, property disputes, and employment procedures often challenge churches and it can be hard to know the best way forward. Trinity’s Master of Legal Studies in Church and Ministry Management trains church leaders so that they can protect their members’ rights and preemptively avoid legal attacks. While it doesn’t train you to be an attorney, it does prepare you to use the law to keep the doors open for the gospel. (Credits: 30 / Length: 20 months.)

Master of Legal Studies (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
If you are looking to make a difference, Trinity’s MLS in Alternative Dispute Resolution provides you with the philosophical and legal arguments to prepare you for a profession where real change can take place. (Credits: 30 / Length: 20 months.)

Master of Legal Studies (Criminal Justice)
If you are looking to make a difference, Trinity’s MLS in Criminal Justice provides you with the philosophical and legal arguments to prepare you for a profession where real change can take place. (Credits: 30 / Length: 20 months.)

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