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Meeting the Mental Health Crisis in South Florida

The U.S. is experiencing an explosion of mental health issues among young people today. The pandemic has sparked even more feelings of anxiety, depression, and isolation and added to the mental health crisis in America.  Mental Health America reports the following: A growing percentage of youth in the U.S. live with major depression.  15.08% of […]

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From a High School Dropout to a CEO

At age 21, Juan Gallo bought his first house and made a good living as a car salesman, but something was missing. Juan Gallo had a heart for ministry, and he felt God leading him to do more with his life. So he decided to come to Trinity Florida to pursue a bachelor’s degree in […]

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Students Encourage One Another by Leading Friday Chapels

This semester for Friday chapel services, our students from various student groups and organizations planned chapel services: shared messages and led worship. Every student speaker has edified our community with relevant application of spiritual truths through biblical exposition and through powerful testimonies of surrendering to God.  After a year without large gatherings for chapel due […]

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TEDS Equipping Leaders for International Missions

Wilson Jeremiah   By Gabriela Clarke Meet Wilson Jeremiah, a third-year PhD student in the Systematic Theology program at TEDS. who works at Southeast Asia Bible Seminary as a lecturer of theological studies. He is using his TEDS education to fulfill his calling of training up fellow pastor-theologians in Indonesia.   THE TEDS EXPERIENCE When […]

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Eddie’s Story | Restoring What is Broken

Eddie Copeland (MA ’11)   As early as he can remember, Eddie’s life was marked by turmoil. Even in elementary school, he was painfully aware of the brokenness in his parents’ marriage, and the church’s reaction to their pain. Rather than offering counsel, empathy, support, or understanding, Eddie watched the church harshly judge and then […]

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Marlene’s Story | Finding Hope in Florida; Celebrating Aloha in Hawaii

Marlene Rice and Steven Tyler with a check for Maui Food Bank | Photo courtesy of Shooting Stars Maui   When a university student graduates Summa Cum Laude and gives the featured valedictorian speech at graduation, you know that student is someone special. Marlene Rice lived quite an exciting life before coming to Trinity Florida. […]

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Overcoming the Obstacles: A Courageous Veteran Values Her Trinity Florida Education

“Choose Trinity, veterans—that’s where you should get your education,” says U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Alma ‘Cristina’ Ramnanan, and she speaks from experience. After serving two terms in Iraq and one in Kuwait that left her with a traumatic brain injury, Cristina decided a year ago to begin taking classes at TIU-Florida, and despite the obstacles, […]

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TEDS Alumni and Current Students Serve the Local Church

From left to right: Brad Wetherell (MDiv ’15), Dennis Colton (MDiv ’09), Luke Young (MDiv ’22), and Meritt Raup (MDiv ’22) | Photo courtesy of The Orchard   By Gabriela Clarke Attendees of EFCA-affiliated church The Orchard know it for its solid biblical basis and strong preaching. Many of its pastoral staff members have something […]

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Chief Half Day: A Friend to Northern Illinois Settlers

The main campus of Trinity International University is situated on Half Day Road in Bannockburn, Illinois. If you ask most locals, they’ll tell you its name comes from the days of horse-drawn transportation when it took half a day’s ride to get there from Chicago. Actually, the name is much more significant.  Half Day Road […]

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Carla’s Story

  POLICE OFFICER IMPACTED BY CHRISTIAN RADIO STARTS MINISTRY Church was not really important to Carla Ginebra de Garcia when she lived in the Dominican Republic. She recalls, “I was an altar girl at my church school, but I never had a real relationship with God.” Carla’s family immigrated to the United States when she […]

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