Trinity College Honors 27 Outstanding Students with Awards and Scholarships

As the spring semester comes to a close, 27 Trinity College students met in the chapel on  May 5 to receive honors, awards, and scholarships for their outstanding achievements in many categories ranging from excellence in academics to excellence in racial reconciliation.

Among these was the notable Lincoln Laureate Scholarship, which is awarded to one senior at each college in Illinois. Recipients are honored for their leadership and service in the pursuit of the betterment of humanity and for overall excellence in curricular and extracurricular activities. Justin Chu received the award at Trinity. 

President Nicholas Perrin presented four awards, the first being the Lincoln Laureate. Next went to Miranda Barton who received the Outstanding Senior Award. Senior Grace Elliot was then presented with the President’s Award. Perrin also presented the Frederic D. and Dorothy C. Vechery Christian College Consortium Scholarship to Jose Rodriguez.

The faculty of each department at Trinity also had the opportunity to award their respective honorees with their awards.

Here is the list of honorees according to their department:

Specific Awards:
Gwendolyn N. Voss Memorial Scholarship – Sarah Schlagel
James N. Lew Memorial Scholarship – Happiness Campo
James N. Lew Memorial Scholarship – Jeremy Young 

Academic Distinction in Business – James Fernandes
Academic Distinction in Business – Shayla Soltelo
Diana Hauser Grell Memorial Award – Louisa Schmidt
Outstanding Graduate in Business – Miranda Barton

Stanley Bristol Memorial Award for Educational Excellence – Nicole Buschek

Doris Roethlisberger prize – Evalyn Black
Williams Award for best honors contract – Anna Skrzypchak

Graphic Design:
Brandon Waybright Innovative Making Award – Lauren Henn
Brandon Waybright Innovative Making Award – Shayla Soltelo

History Student of the Year – Amanda Juhlin 

Wind Ensemble Member of the Year – Sarah Damianov
Choir member of the Year – Ruth Santiago

Biology/Pre-Physican’s Assistant Student of the Year – Isabel Lane
Freshmen Biology Award – Seth Rieske
CRC Freshmen Chemistry Award – Daniela Lopez
Double Helix Award – Lorenzano Blakeney
Platinum Test Tube Award Lorenzano Blakeney
Exercise Science Student of the Year – Hope McDowell
Sports and Wellness Major of the Year – Dominik Olech
Peter Lu Memorial Science Scholarship – Alicia Carlson
Peter Lu Memorial Science Scholarship – Caroline Smith
Outstanding Research Scientist – Lauren Sayler

Student Life:
Bruce Fields Racial Reconciliation Award – Carl Edmondson