Trinity College Honors and Awards Ceremony 2023

On May 3, for the spring 2023 Honors and Awards Ceremony, we celebrated 37 Trinity College students for their tremendous work and outstanding achievements in various categories such as academics, service, and ministry. 

President Perrin personally awarded four outstanding students for their hard work and dedication. The first was the 2023 Lincoln Laureate, Abigail Olsson (BA Communications ’23). Following that, the Vechery Scholarship was awarded to Waverly Swanstrom (BA History/ Education ’23). The Outstanding Senior Award went to Gabriela Clarke (BA English/Communications ’23), and Annie Knowlton (Communications & Graphic Design ’23) was awarded the President’s Leadership Award. 


The faculty for each department at Trinity College presented the following awards to the students who studied under them:

Academic Distinction in Business – Sarah Davis
Academic Distinction in Business – Logan Shears
Outstanding Graduate in Business – Caleb Wells


Biblical Studies Award – Josh Coffman 

Jana Sundene Award – Hannah Byun 

Greg Carlson Award  Carson Swanstrom 


James N. Lew Memorial Scholarship Parker Lundberg 

Living Faith Foundation Scholarship – Grant Swanstrom 


Lambda Pi Eta Inductees – Rebecca Barak & Ethan Oskroba

Trinity Digest Award – Ethan Oskroba

Trinity Digest Award – Abigail Bond

Gwendolyn N. Voss Memorial Scholarship – Rebekah Badal 

Computer Science: 

Outstanding Senior in Computer Science-Peter Lu – Andrew Dills

Stanley Bristol Memorial Award for Educational Excellence – Nicole Buschek

Doris Roethlisberger Memorial Literary Award – Lydia Sommer
Williams Award for best honors contract – Anna Skrzypchak

Graphic Design:
The Julia Petersen Scholarly Excellence in the Arts Award – Annie Knowlton

History Student of the Year – Hannah Gilchrist


Graduating Psi Chi Member – Kemon Reese 


Outstanding Senior in Mathematics – Benjamin Jenkins

Choir member of the Year – Elisabeth Dragomir

Paul Satre Award for Comprehensive Musicianship – Ruth Santiago


Biology/Pre-Physicians Assistant Student of the Year – Renee HahmTCHonors

Freshman Biology Award – Lily Crosby
CRC Freshman Chemistry Award – Izabella Hernandez
Double Helix Award – Steven Largent
Exercise Science Student of the Year – Morgan Busick and Emily Soriaga
Sports and Wellness Major of the Year – Dominik Olech
Peter Lu Memorial Science Scholarship – Haakon Fiedler
Peter Lu Memorial Science Scholarship – Madison Feagans
Outstanding Research Scientist – Alicia Carlson

Student Life:
Racial Reconciliation Award – Thailin Johnson 

Honors Students:  

Ethan Ashworth, Hattie Black, Gabriela Clarke, Carl Johnson, and Anna Skrzypchak

University Awards:

Lincoln Laureate – Abigail Olsson 

Vechery Scholarship – Waverly Swanstrom

Outstanding Senior Award – Gabriela Clarke 

President’s Leadership Award Anna Knowlton