Trinity Admissions Welcomes New Counselors

The Admissions Office at Trinity welcomes new faces to the team, and they have also made some in-house structural changes. Meet the new members of the team and then check out the updated roster for Trinity Admissions!


Lester Araica photoLester Araica is the new Undergraduate Admissions Counselor, as of October 5. Araica comes to Trinity with experience as a college recruiter and as a hiring manager at for-profit higher education institutions. This makes him well equipped to serve our more independent, prospective undergrad students populations: non-athlete transfers, on-campus students and international undergrad students.



Jessica McFaddin photoJessica McFaddin is the new Undergraduate Admissions Counselor. McFaddin has an infectious personality and great communication skills honed from her experience as a teacher. Since her first day at Trinity on September 15, she has already made valuable connections at churches, high schools and college fairs, in a COVID-safe way. McFaddin will serve our female athletes and half of our undergrad non-athletes.



Katie McKinney photoKatie McKinney is the new Data and Communications Specialist. McKinney will serve our operations team under Margarita Hernandez’s leadership. She has experience serving as an administrator for high school aged students and organizing data and information.




Henry Thompson photoHenry Thompson is the new Grad/TEDS Admissions Counselor. Thompson received his MDiv degree from TEDS and has since served as a pastor in Kansas City. While he was a student at TEDS, he worked for the admissions office, which afforded Thompson the opportunity to hit the ground running. His first day was September 21 but he already has a significant jump start on the programs he is recruiting for.



Tamara Unterschuetz photoTamara Unterschuetz is the new Inbound Student Service Specialist. Unterschuetz is the “front door of the university” as her primary role is managing Trinity’s switchboard. She is a MK and already has strong Trinity connections. Unterschuetz will also manage the inboxes for all of admissions’ email addresses. She will soon be equipped to provide student services to incoming students, like unofficial transcript evaluations. Tamara’s first day was September 14.



And here’s an updated list of the Admissions team:

  • Ryan Trout — Executive Director of Admissions

Admissions Operations:

  • Margarita Hernandez  — Director of Admissions Operations
    • Margarita will continue  serving incoming students as she has, but she will also be giving ~50% of her time to onboarding our new admissions/enrollment management system (Slate).
  • Katie McKinney — Data and Communications Specialist
  • Sammy Wong — Data Specialist (part-time)
  • Tamara Unterschuetz — Inbound Student Service Specialist

Graduate/TEDS Admissions

  • Jake Slaughter — Assistant Director
    • Jake worked as a counselor for College Admissions before moving into the role of Admissions Counselor for TEDS where he served last year. Jake was promoted to the position of Assistant Director in August.
  • Henry Thompson — Grad/TEDS Admissions Counselor
  • Alexander Oppong-Mensah — Grad/TEDS Admissions Counselor

Undergraduate Admissions

  • Luke Thimmesch — Assistant Director Undergraduate Admissions
  • Fabio Fernandez — Senior Admissions Counselor
    • As the sole Trinity College Admissions Counselor, Fabio managed all of the College counselor responsibilities last year. This August, Fabio’s was promoted to Senior Admissions Counselor. Fabio will oversee the recruitment of male athletes and half of our undergraduate non-athletes.
  • Lester Araica — Undergraduate Admissions Counselor
  • Jessica McFaddin — Undergraduate Admissions Counselor