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Trinity International University (TIU) invites applications and nominations for the position of Dean of Trinity Law School (TLS). TIU seeks an experienced, collegial, and energetic leader who passionately embraces the mission of TLS as a Christian law school…

Dean – Trinity Law School

Trinity International University (TIU) invites applications and nominations for the position of Dean of Trinity Law School (TLS). TIU seeks an experienced, collegial, and energetic leader who passionately embraces the mission of TLS as a Christian law school within TIU’s mission to “educate men and women to engage in God’s redemptive work in the world.”  As the chief academic and administrative officer, the Dean will lead a community of faculty, staff, students, alumni, and other stakeholders in achieving the academic and strategic priorities of TLS. The Dean will be responsible for overseeing, developing, and prioritizing resources as well as strengthening a collaborative community committed to excellence in legal education. The Dean reports to the Provost of TIU and works closely with the Deans of TIU’s other constituent schools (Trinity College, Trinity Graduate School, and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School).

As the leader of a Christian law school, the Dean must support the institution’s desire for its students to “make justice [their] calling.” Because of this mission, the Dean should recognize the significance of integrating faith and law in preparing law students for a vocation of service in diverse practice areas and professions. Moreover, the Dean must be able to balance an internal role that engages the law school community with an external role that engages alumni, the state and local bench and bar, local government officials, non-profit organizations, other Californians, and Christians globally.

The next Dean will step into leadership of TLS at a time when it is experiencing increasing enrollments, innovative online programs, and is poised to pursue ABA accreditation. The next Dean will direct a faculty and staff committed to the mission (Christian distinctives) and direction (ABA-accreditation) of TLS as well as a diverse student body and loyal alumni base. The successful candidate will be a collaborative, transparent, and inspiring leader who is equally committed to teaching, service, and scholarship. The Dean will ensure the integration of a Christian philosophy of law and legal education into the curriculum, continue to develop a successful fundraising and alumni engagement program, promote and, where possible, advance TLS’s local, regional, and national reputation.

Candidates should hold a JD degree from an ABA law school and have leadership experience as both a law school faculty member and administrator. Candidates should be committed to the Christian faith and in agreement with the TIU Statement of Faith. The successful candidate will have the theological depth to be a winsome advocate for and model of the integration of a Christian worldview for the legal vocation. The successful candidate will have strong interpersonal skills, a capacity for creative thinking, and the enthusiasm and demonstrated ability to lead with a spirit of service.


Trinity Law School is a California Bar-accredited law school located in Orange County, California, providing an exceptional legal education in the historic Judeo-Christian tradition. TLS values community advocacy and involvement and runs numerous legal clinics that serve its neighbors and give students hands-on practical experience.

TLS is supported by both full time faculty as well as a robust roster of adjunct faculty members who bring specialization in over thirty-five fields of law. In addition to TLS offering the Juris Doctor degree on campus, the Juris Doctor and Master of Legal Studies degrees are available online to students across the country.

TLS is proud of its Center for Human Rights—a research, education, and advocacy center for the promotion and protection of international human rights. The Center provides classroom instruction, career development, and opportunities for participation in research, scholarship, lectures, conferences, and seminars. A scholarly journal from the Center is forthcoming.

At its core, our community is shaped by our commitment to the historic and apostolic Christian faith. We exist to serve Christ by championing a biblical view of human law and government through our students, graduates, faculty, and staff.


TLS endeavors to prepare students to flourish as attorneys dedicated to advocate for justice, serve the Church, and pursue the truth throughout the world for Christ. Student life at Trinity Law School is active and vibrant. Students can participate in a wide variety of student associations and clubs, including:

  • Trinity Law Review
  • Moot Court and Mock Trial teams
  • American Constitution Society 
  • Animal Legal Defense Fund
  • Black Law Students Association
  • Christian Legal Society
  • Delta Theta Phi
  • The Federalist Society
  • Student Bar Association
  • Women’s Legal Society

Nominations, Applications, and Inquiries are being accepted for the position commencing immediately.

Applicants Should Submit the Following Materials for Consideration:

Letter of Interest

A letter of interest addressing your qualifications and fit for the position as well as a brief summary of your leadership philosophy.

Curriculum Vitae

A comprehensive curriculum vitae.

A Statement of Christian Faith

A statement of Christian faith convictions relevant to the mission of the university and agreement with the TIU Statement of Faith.

For questions, nominations, or to submit application materials please email the Office of the Provost, TIU at [email protected]

Make Justice Your Calling

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