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July 1, 2024

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Master of Legal Studies


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Why Choose Trinity's MLS?

Personalized Programs

Trinity offers nine different MLS programs, each designed to push your career to the next level. In addition to the general MLS degree, you can earn your degree in Human Resources Management, Human Rights, Bioethics, Nonprofit Organizations, Church and Ministry Management, Criminal Justice, Alternative Dispute Resolution, or Contracts and Negotiation.

Classes Work With Your Schedule

Trinity’s MLS is 100% online, making it easy to balance your coursework with the rest of your life. Classes are taken one at a time, allowing you to finish your degree in less than two years.


Low tuition, combined with scholarships and federal financial aid, makes earning your MLS a reality.

Trinity Law School accepts Veteran benefits for MLS students. Please note that, currently, TLS cannot accept Veteran benefits for the JD program.

The following three TLS-approved chapters include:

  1. Chapter 31: VR&E (Veteran Readiness and Employment/Vocational Rehab

  2. Chapter 33: Post 9/11 GI Bill

  3. Chapter 35: Survivors and Dependants

Trinity Law School

Over the years, MBA degrees have been the “go to” degree for career advancement. The problem is that so many job hunters have MBAs, it is hard to stand out. As workplace litigation and governmental regulations have increased, both for-profit and non-profit companies place great value on employees with an understanding of the law. The MLS not only gives you many of the skills taught in an MBA, but also prepares you to navigate your company through dangerous legal waters.

Trinity Law School
“God calls us to be good examples and a light to others by being well trained, ethical, and hard workers at all times. The Holy Spirit gives me what I need to be the light, but Trinity gave me what I need to be the example.”
Juan Salas
Juan Salas
Trinity Law School Alumni

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Classes Begin on July 1, 2024

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