Master of Arts in Old Testament
and Semitic Languages

Deerfield, IL

This program is for those who seek a greater understanding of the Hebrew Old Testament as well as its geographical, literary, and cultural background. You will dive deep into Hebrew and have the opportunity to study a second language such as Ugaritic, Syriac, or Aramaic. For those who desire to progress into further postgraduate work, this degree will prepare you well to meet the academic challenges of a doctoral program.


Course Title Credits
ID 5000 Biblical Theology and Interpretation 3 hours
ST 5201 Theology I: The God of the Gospel 3 hours
ST 5202 Theology II: The Gospel of God 3 hours


Course Title Credits
OT 5242 Hebrew Exegesis 3 hours
OT 8911 OT Studies I: Pentateuch
and Historical Books
2 hours
OT 8912 OT Studies II: Poetry and Prophets 2 hours
Select 5–6 hours of Hebrew Language from:
Course Title Credits
OT 5250 Hebrew Reading Skills 2 hours
OT 7210 Exegesis of Genesis 3 hours
OT 7230 Exegesis of Psalms 3 hours
OT 7250 Exegesis of Isaiah 3 hours
OT 8000 Seminar (when topic is Hebrew Studies; approval by dept chair) 3 hours
OT 8720 Advanced Hebrew Exegesis: (Book) 3 hours
OT 8729 Advanced Hebrew Studies: (Topic) 3 hours
Select 3 hours of Cognate Languages from:
Course Title Credits
OT 7010 Biblical Aramaic 3 hours
OT 7014 Extrabiblical Aramaic 3 hours
OT 7030 Ugaritic 3 hours
OT 7040 Syriac 3 hours
OT 7410 West Semitic Inscriptions 3 hours
OT 8000 Seminar (when topic is Cognate Lang; approval by dept chair) 3 hours
Select 9 hours of Old Testament Elective Studies from:
Course Title Credits
OT 5050 Geography of Bible Lands 3 hours
OT 5060 Development of the Old Testament Canon 3 hours
OT 6251 Interpreting the Pentateuch and Former Prophets 3 hours
OT 6252 Interpreting the Latter Prophets 3 hours
OT 7090 Old Testament Theology 3 hours
OT 7420 Ancient Near Eastern Religions 3 hours
OT 7425 Egypt and the Bible 3 hours
OT 7430 Origins of Israel 3 hours
OT 7432 Warfare in OT and Ancient NE 3 hours
OT 7435 History of Israel 3 hours
OT 7440 History of the Ancient Near East 3 hours
OT 7460 Qumran Scrolls 3 hours
OT 8000 Seminar: Current Issues
(approval by dept chair)
3 hours
OT 8723
Old Testament Textual Criticism 3 hours
ST 7395 Hermeneutics 3 hours
Note: Up to 3 hours of the Capstone may be applied in the Concentration Core
Note: OT 5000, NT 5000, and English Bible courses (OT 5100, NT 5100, NT 5175) are not applicable to the MA program.


Field Education

Course Title Credits
PT 5090 Field Ed (two semesters) –or–
PT 5090 Field Ed (one semester) and ID 5080 Formation Group (two semesters) 0 hours

MA/OT Capstone (1-3 hours)

Course Title Credits
OT 7477 MA/OT Major Comprehensive Exam 1 hour
OT 7485 MA Thesis 1–3 hours

“Trinity Evangelical Divinity School has provided me with the tools to explore, research, and analyze the depths of the Old Testament in a spiritual context. It has prepared me to enter a career of academics and lifelong pursuit embracing and loving the Old Testament.”

Riane McConnell ’22



Experience a classroom setting like none other. At Trinity, you will study under leading theologians, experts, and renowned authors in their specific field. Our professors will not only teach you but invest in your life. Hear from Dr. Monson and faculty how the MA in Old Testament program prepares you for your academic and ministry goals.


Trinity has been entrusted with the Gospel since 1897, and every day we are called to live with purpose. Our purpose as a divinity school is to know the Gospel, live the Gospel and make the Gospel known. In today’s ever-changing culture, Trinity immerses students in a community of biblical orthodoxy and practical living. The Trinity faculty is among the most widely published in evangelical academia and has deeply influenced the leaders shaping the present and future of evangelical Christianity across the globe.

“The Old Testament is a vibrant part of God’s self-revelation. Engaging these books is both life-giving and challenging, offering readers a glimpse of God’s redemptive work that spans ages, languages, contexts, and cultural differences. The MA in Old Testament and Semitic Languages provides students the skills to read this corpus faithfully. With a rich understanding of its significance for ancient readers, Christians are better equipped to appreciate the Old Testament’s relevance for the questions and challenges of contemporary life.”

Michele Knight
Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages



In addition to the requirements for general admission, you’ll need the following:

  • An undergraduate major or its equivalent which includes 6 hours of undergrad Hebrew (with an acceptable score on Trinity’s Hebrew proficiency exam), 6 hours of theology, and 12 hours of Bible (not including beginning languages).
  • An undergrad GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale is preferred; scores from the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or Miller Analogies Test (MAT) are required if your GPA is less than 3.0.

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