New Student Orientation

Welcome to Trinity Graduate School! We know that there are a lot of things you still need to get done before you start your first day of classes but hopefully attending the New Student Orientation (NSO) will make things go more smoothly. Graduate Student Life invites all incoming students to join us for NSO in 2020. The sessions offered are especially important for your success here at Trinity. All incoming students are required to attend.

NSO will introduce you to the campus, address your questions, provide you with an opportunity to meet other students, staff and faculty and to just get started! Not only is the NSO helpful but it’s also fun! So you will not want to miss it—trust us on this!

Register for NSO


Please call Student Life at 847-317-7073 or email at [email protected]

DMin Students: The DMin office will email you instructions on how to register for new student orientation, which is conducted entirely online. If you have questions, please email [email protected].


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