Flexible Study Options

Our goal is to make education in our Graduate Program as accessible as possible. Whether you work full time or study full time, we hope you find an educational option that fits your lifestyle.

If you are unable to take online classes or you aren’t interested in a dual degree or multiple masters program, you might find that one of the other options listed below will work better.

Multiple Masters Programs

Earn two (2) Masters’s degrees in less time! Our Multiple Masters’s programs enable graduate students to cut the time and cost of earning each degree individually. Multiple Masters’s programs are offered in partnership with TEDS. Graduate students earn a second Master of Arts or a Master of Divinity in addition to their current degree. For more information, view the details about each program below.

Dual Degree Programs

If you’re looking for a way to earn a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree or if you need both degrees for your career goals, our Dual Degree program is the answer. This program is offered in partnership with Trinity College. It allows undergraduate students to earn a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in as little as five years. For more information, view the details about each of the programs listed below to learn how you can get started on your application for a dual degree at Trinity.

Online Graduate Study Program

If you want to become a specialist who can better serve in your field, we can help you get there. Earn a Master’s degree online through Trinity Graduate School or Trinity Law School. View the details of the programs listed below.

Master of Arts in Bioethics: Gain ethical tools to address contemporary issues.

Master of Legal Studies: Train yourself broadly while honing a specialization.

Visiting Students

If you’d like to take courses in the graduate program for credit on a part-time basis without enrolling in a degree program, consider becoming a Visiting Student. Applying as a Visiting Student involves completing an application form, submitting an official transcript indicating that you hold a bachelor’s degree or higher with a minimum GPA of 2.0 sent to our Admissions Office. (Visiting students receive “conditional acceptance” until the transcript is received). You may then enroll for a maximum of 9 hours each semester, and we recommend that you not enroll in  more than 12 hours before applying to a degree program. Contact the graduate admissions office for more information.

Graduate Admissions


If you’d like the opportunity of taking one or more courses per semester but have no interest in earning graduate credit or a degree, we invite you to audit any class of your choice. An auditing student can usually participate in all class activities but will not be responsible for tests or assignments, or receive a grade or credit. No application is required, and you do not need a bachelor’s degree. The graduate school, however, reserves the right to limit the number of auditors in any class, and some classes may be closed to auditors. If you decide to audit the Master of Arts in Teaching program, please note that, in some cases, auditors will be required to participate in classes and prepare for all tests and assignments. This difference is due both to the cohort nature of the program and the need to satisfy teaching certification requirements. Contact the graduate admissions office for more information.

Graduate Admissions

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