Meet Our Faculty


Dr. Karen A. Wrobbel is the Dean of Trinity College and Graduate School and brings many years of experience to the dean’s role. She serves at Trinity both as a teaching faculty member and as a recognized leader through her responsibilities as director of the Division of Education, associate dean, and chair of faculty councils, committees and task forces. Before joining Trinity’s faculty, Karen taught missionary kids (MKs) and other international students at Christian schools in Spain and Venezuela where she spoke Spanish fluently. Karen continues to be actively involved internationally with Christian education through conference speaking, accreditation work, and as a volunteer with two educationally-focused international groups. Her expertise and research interests include the education of MKs and other global nomads, languages and education, and intercultural communication.


Master of Arts in Bioethics (MA/BE)

The MA in Bioethics (MA/BE) faculty are focused on helping students develop the ethical tools they need to address pressing contemporary issues of medicine, health care, technology, and theology.

Part-Time Teaching Faculty

Master of Arts in Leadership (MA/L)

The Leadership faculty challenge students to enrich their character by making ethically sound and principled decisions; to gain wisdom for managing relationships within an organization and in the broader world; and to gain skills based on awareness of themselves and research-grounded best practices for effectively reaching their vocational goals.

Part-Time Teaching Faculty

Master of Arts in Education & Master of Arts in Teaching

Our educational faculty have years of practical teaching experience and will help you gain the skills you need to be an excellent and spiritually sensitive educator. The MA/T program seeks to develop highly qualified Christian teachers who view teaching as a mission; they nurture students, reflect critically on practice, and facilitate classroom experience to maximize the potential of all learners. The MEd in Diverse Learning is available completely online! Every course involves continual online interactions with highly qualified professors and cohort members. It includes coursework in differentiation, gifted and special education and English as a second language (ESL).

Part-Time Teaching Faculty