About Trinity Graduate School

At Trinity Graduate School (TGS), you will find an academic community dedicated to integrating faith, life, and learning into all programs of study to fully prepare you for your calling. Whether training students to be teachers, counselors, corporate leaders, or public servants, TGS is committed to excellence in education grounded in Scripture. 

At the heart of our mission lies the commitment to challenge students intellectually while helping them connect their knowledge and faith in Christ with their academic experience and professional goals. 

TGS offers master’s degree programs at our Illinois and Florida campuses. We offer formats for learning that meet the needs of today’s adult students, including dual degrees, flexible course schedules, online classes, and adaptable course work that you can tailor to your interests, current goals, and calling.

The DNA of Trinity

We are a diverse community of cultures, church traditions, ideas, experiences and stories. Our students come from all walks of life, different parts of the country and around the world with a variety of experiences, hopes, and dreams. Yet we share the same DNA. We are all entrusted with gospel—which requires us to know it, live it, and make it known. We seek to join faith and learning in a distinctive way at each of our TIU schools and Camp Timber-lee, inspiring possibilities as you explore how your Christian faith impacts every area of life. 

Our collective desire to worship in faithfulness, mentor in hope, and build bridges in love unifies us all as we pursue academic excellence.

These three cords run through all things Trinity:



Graduate school is more than the classroom. It’s a living, breathing community full of opportunity, friendship, and discovery bound together through worship of the one, true God. This worship is infused into everything at Trinity. Whether full-time or part-time, on-campus or online, your experience as part of the community of Trinity Graduate School will inspire your faith and deepen your worship.



Trinity Graduate School provides a unique opportunity for students and working professionals to engage in rigorous scholarship under a team of scholars with vibrant personal faith, high academic credentials, and a desire to engage each student. Here, you’ll discover more than academic knowledge; you’ll develop valuable mentoring relationships that invest in who you are and help shape who you’re becoming.



Trinity Graduate School strives to help each student grow in knowledge and experience within their chosen field of study. While emphasizing Christian essentials and the inerrancy of Scripture, we appreciate freedom in other matters, making it possible for Christ-followers from many different denominations and traditions to study, worship, and serve together at Trinity Graduate School.


A Great Location!

Our beautifully wooded main campus is located 25 miles north of downtown Chicago in Deerfield, Illinois. This location provides TGS students with the best of both urban and suburban life. A swift train ride brings you to Chicago where you can take advantage of the recreational, educational, and ministry opportunities while also enjoying the city’s cultural entertainments. Many wonderful churches are located in the neighborhoods and towns surrounding our Deerfield campus where TGS students gather, worship, and serve.