Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Why I Give

We believe that all we have has come from God, and we are only giving him what is his already. We give to TIU because we want to invest in God’s work here and around the world. People come to study at TIU from across the world, and a Trinity education helps ground them in their faith and equip them to live it out where they are called to serve. We’re thankful for TIU’s global impact and want to be part of what God is doing at Trinity International University.

-Neil (BA ’74) and Rebecca Detweiler (TC ’72-’74, CERT ’82) Nyberg


I graduated from the REACH adult undergraduate program in 2001 with a degree in business administration. However, I received much more than a business degree, I received a deeper, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Trinity is an institution that I believe in, and I want to help give others the same opportunities that I received at TIU.

-Matthew J. Spejcher (BA ’01)


Trinity International University is an outstanding institution of higher learning. The unique integration of a biblically based education with a focus on character development is compelling. We have had the pleasure of meeting, working with, and becoming close to a number of faculty, staff, and students at TIU over the past few years. The international reputation is well deserved. We feel honored to be able to support TIU as it prepares students to transform the world.

-Jimmie Alford and Maree Bullock


I give to TEDS in honor of my late husband, whose life of kingdom service began there. As a young boy of seven years, Roy Stanley Brown (DIPL ’45) received a call from God into ministry. After high school, he did a three-year program in two years at the Evangelical Free Church School and Seminary in downtown Chicago, graduating in 1945. He was one of only four students in the seminary. Roy served small Evangelical Free Churches until 1961. From then until 1996, he served United Church of Christ churches. He was dedicated to minister only to small churches. Several young men and women were called to serve God under his ministry, including two of his sons. Two of his daughters attended Trinity as well. After 52 years of active ministry in small churches, his maker called him home.

-Vernis Brown