Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Trinity Fund

The most valuable way you can give

The Trinity Fund helps underwrite the more than $10 million in need-based and merit-based scholarships that Trinity disburses university-wide every year. Through this initiative, we are able to lower the costs of tuition for the most capable, deserving, and financially needy students at Trinity’s schools.

The Trinity Fund is our top fundraising priority, and we ask you to consider supporting it. If you would like to give to something else, by all means do so! But please consider splitting your contribution between your desired designation and the Trinity Fund (i.e., 75% to your designation and 25% to the Trinity Fund).

Our donors offer gifts from $1 to more than $25,000, and every dollar makes a difference in the lives of our students. If you contribute $120 over the course of a year, you will become a member of the Trinity Coffee Club, and will be sent a unique, handmade mug as a reminder of your partnership with Trinity.

Give to the Trinity Fund      or      Learn more about the Trinity Coffee Club