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At Trinity College, we educate women and men to engage in God’s redemptive work in the world by cultivating academic excellence, Christian faithfulness, and lifelong learning. At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to engage the culture for Jesus Christ. Trinity’s purpose is to enable you to think and live like a Christian in the twenty-first century. We believe that God calls his people into many kinds of service; Trinity’s calling is to prepare them to serve for his glory.
We are a diverse community of cultures, church traditions, ideas, experiences, and stories. Our students come from all walks of life, different parts of the country, and around the world with a variety of experiences, hopes, and dreams. Yet we share the same DNA. We are all entrusted with the gospel—which requires us to know it, live it, and make it known. We seek to join faith and learning in a distinctive way at each of our TIU schools and Camp Timber-lee, inspiring possibilities as you explore how your Christian faith impacts every area of life. Our collective desire is to worship in faithfulness, mentor in hope, and build bridges in love unifies us all as we pursue academic excellence.
Trinity College celebrates God’s kingdom diversity! Our student body represents many denominations, countries, ethnicities, and perspectives. We are convinced that the Holy Spirit moves us to embrace our differences as we seek to embody the kingdom of God on earth. Together, we work hard to create an intentional community filled with grace and love.

"One of the great things about Trinity College is that professors know their students and go out of their way to support and guide them. Students are not just a nameless face in our small classes; professors know our students' names and get to know them personally."

Karen Wrobbel, EdD
Dean of Trinity College

Student Testimonials

“I am thankful for my time at Trinity, as I have grown in my faith, explored my vocational interests, and have learned valuable life lessons. Trinity provided several hands-on experience opportunities, as well as support from staff and professors, which has equipped me to step into the workforce as an unapologetic believer.”
Abby Olsson 1
Abigail Olsson '23
BA in Communications
“Trinity has provided me the opportunity to learn about ministry in and out of classes. Whether I’m in a class or in the dining hall, I am learning what it means to live life with a ministry mindset. I love that I’m not only learning practical tools for ministry by wonderful professors, but l’m living out ministry alongside a wonderful and diverse student body.”
Alexandra Hyllberg '22
BA in Bible and Ministry
“It is special to have a community to encourage me as I grow in every aspect of life. I love the home I have found at Trinity.”
Lauren Neveau '21
BA in Elementary Education
“Being at Trinity has allowed me to better understand myself, my relationship with Christ, and the world around me. It is this and the lifelong relationships that I’vs built that have made my time at Trinity beyond worth it.”
Samuel Willis '21
BA in Business
“In the few weeks since this course has started, it has already helped me believe that my passion for history combined with my education at Trinity can lead to a successful and fulfilling career.”
Lilli Smith
Lillian Smith '25
BA in History
“I am glad I came to Trinity because I have been able to positively impact the people around me and develop my leadership skills. Trinity has given me a secure and supportive environment to explore my passions, and I have grown so much in my faith through the encouragement and vulnerability of my professors and friends who are fervently serving the Lord.”
Seth Rieske
Seth Rieske '24
BA in Psychology
“I was blessed to be taught under very accomplished and knowledgeable professors. They were able to bring in perspectives from their management experiences that went beyond just textbook definitions and was a big part of the reason that I chose to come to Trinity. I had opportunities for impactful internships and leadership experiences that have prepared me well for my future career.”
James Fernandes '21
BA in Business
“Learning from the accomplished professors at Trinity College is a great privilege, and the student-professor ratio allows for small class sizes where instructors interact with me in meaningful class sessions. The opportunity to study here has provided me with a strong, Scripture-based foundation that will serve me well in the classroom, workplace, church, and home.”
Gabriella Clarke '23
BA in English/Communication
“Coming to Trinity has allowed me to do life alongside other people who are on mission for Christ and that is the sweetest gift. The community in this place has allowed me to experience tiny pieces of what I believe heaven will be like as we worship, read Scripture, and pray together. Trinity has made the biggest impact in my life and is the place that will probably always feel the most like home to me!”
Grace Washburn 1
Grace Washburn '25
BA in Bible & Ministry

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