As one of five schools at Trinity International University, Trinity Florida’s education has the
same spiritual DNA as the rest of the University. We are committed to worshipping in
faithfulness, mentoring in hope, and building bridges in love.

We believe that faithful worship means honoring God in our studies. We worship God through
prayer and song but also seek to know God and his work in the world, seeing God’s hand
through the lens of all the academic disciplines. At Trinity Florida we also know that worship
includes service to others in Christian love and, for that reason, all programs are tied to the
practice of Christian life in community (Hebrews 13:15-16). True worship has hands and feet.

We believe in mentoring that inspires hope in each person’s potential. Mentoring is part of
spiritual life at Trinity as professors demonstrate care for the well-being and growth of every
student. At Trinity Florida, students are known by name, not simply number. Each faculty
member is committed to the flourishing of each student in their studies, vocation, and life.
Mentoring helps make us whole.

We believe in bridge building in love. The heart of the gospel of Christ is reconciliation between
God and humans and between men and women of different cultures. Trinity Florida is a diverse
community where bridge building is sewn into the classroom experience. The best education
occurs in community and fosters loving community. Real-life reconciliation and building
understanding are central to the spiritual life at Trinity Florida (2 Corinthians 5:18-19). Love
prevails over division.

Classes at Trinity Florida are conducted in the context of prayerful dependence upon God, with
the understanding that true spirituality is not only a Sunday morning activity but informs all of
our life together before God, including our studies and service. Join us in these acts of worship.