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Our Faculty are Experienced Professionals

Study under professors who have both clinical experience and research backgrounds. Trinity-Florida faculty are committed to teaching with excellence while also mentoring you from their own experience as counselors and clinicians. Most importantly, their application of psychological principles within a biblical worldview will encourage you to grow spiritually, in your personal life, and relationships as you build up your professional competencies.

What will I study?

Students pursuing a degree in psychology need to complete core credits across majors, as well as the courses in psychology, listed below.

Psychology Core: 50 hours

Course Title Credits
PSY 140 Introduction to Psychology* 3 hours
PSY 220 Interpersonal Skills Training 3 hours
PSY 255 Psychology of Addiction 3 hours
PSY 285 Statistics 4 hours
PSY 300 Personality Theories 3 hours
PSY 310 Abnormal Psychology 3 hours
PSY 320 Theories of Learning 3 hours
PSY 330 Developmental Psychology 3 hours
PSY 346 Research Methods and Design 3 hours
PSY 356 Conflict Management 3 hours
PSY 371 Dynamics of Group Behavior 3 hours
PSY 381 Counseling Theories 3 hours
PSY 382 Crisis Counseling 3 hours
PSY 383 Marital Counseling 3 hours
PSY 384 Parent Counseling 3 hours
PSY 440 Integration of Psychology
and the Christian Faith
3 hours

Where Can This Degree Take Me?

Imagine a psychology degree where you will learn the latest strategies, research and practice methods all from a distinctly Christian worldview. A psychology degree from Trinity-Florida can prepare you for further study within the field of psychology while also equipping you for several careers related to the field of psychology.

  • Qualify for a variety of positions, such as a caseworker, residential manager, crisis counselor, probation officer, residential counselor, or program manager.
  • Learn a variety of strategies for challenging and supporting others — both individually and in groups.
  • Gain an understanding of the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others by studying the development of the human mind and patterns of behavior.
  • Learn to integrate your faith with the theories and methods of psychology.
  • Upon completion, pursue a master’s degree in a variety of areas, such as a Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling or a Master of Arts in Teaching, offered at our Deerfield, Illinois campus.

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