“From the moment I first walked in,” says Natasha, “the director of admissions was so warm and welcoming to me. She treated me like family.” Natasha decided to enrolled.

“As a result of my TIU education and experiences, I have learned a wealth of information in regards to ministry, the gospel of Christ, management and so on.

However, looking back, I have learned grace from a very unique perspective. Due to the grace that was shown to me, I feel compelled to share that same grace. My TIU experience has reminded me that where we do our work with excellence in all we do, we leave room for grace.”

While completing her BA degree at TIU-Florida, she began to work in the TIU-Florida Admissions Office. Today, Natasha is the director of admissions, and following in the example of the person who first welcomed her so warmly, Natasha shows the same kind of empathy, love and joy to students entering Trinity Florida.

“I want to see our students reach their higher education goals…” Natasha says with a smile, “I want them to know they are supported here at Trinity Florida.”


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