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Multiple distinct backgrounds. Multiple crucial callings, one common goal: to take their leadership calling to a higher level as a result of their training at Trinity Florida.



Dan Laliberte

Was addicted to drugs while his girlfriend was seven months pregnant. Now, he is a TIU-Florida student in the dual degree program, earning a BA in Psychology and an MA in Mental Health Counseling.

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Marsha Wilson

Passionate about training qualified mental health counselors to meet the need for more therapists with the rise in mental and emotional issues following the pandemic…

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Marlene Rice

Marlene Rice lived an exciting life before coming to Trinity. She worked in Christian television, smuggled Bibles into closed countries, and assisted major organizations in their fundraising.

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Jose Fontanez

Jose became a father at the age of 16. He dropped out of school and got a job. His hard-working family had emigrated from Puerto Rico, and Jose was determined to take care of his two children.

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Samantha Spann

Her family was homeless during her high school years, so Samantha’s future seemed pretty bleak. At the age of 18 she visited Trinity Florida and knew it was the place for her.

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Jessica Waddell

God guided her to Trinity Florida to complete her Bachelor in Christian Ministries and has also led her to continue her education here at Trinity.

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Eduardo DeSousa

Growing up in a Sao Paulo slum, surviving as a homeless child on the streets of Brazil. His dream of getting a college education was his lifelong dream...

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Amor Sierra

Amor fights the pervasive, horrific epidemic of human trafficking. As a survivor of a traumatic childhood she understands the feelings of trafficking victims...

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