Christopher Hook, MD

Adjunct Professor of Bioethics


BA, Greenville College
MD, University of Illinois

Dr. Hook is Consultant in Hematology, Special Coagulation and the Comprehensive Hemophilia Center and Assistant Professor of Medicine, The Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, and Director of Ethics Education, Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Medicine. He created and chairs the Mayo Reproductive Medicine Advisory Board, the DNA Research Committee, the Ethics Consultation Service, and the Mayo Clinical Ethics Council, and he co-founded the Psychogenomic Ethics Advisory Board. He is Director for Biotechnology Ethics of the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity and also leads “The Theology of Technology Project” and “The Human Enhancement Project.” He is a Fellow of the Wilberforce Forum and the Council for Biotechnology Policy in Washington, D.C. Dr. Hook served on the Health and Human Services Advisory Committee on Genetics, Health, and Society. He is presently working to initiate the “Project on Future Ethics,” a prospective study reviewing the implications of nanotechnology, cybernetics, and artificial intelligence.