Last day to enroll for fall 2021 semester. (To be considered enrolled, a student must have enrolled in classes.)

Trinity College, Deerfield campus students, are strongly encouraged to note these important deadlines for adding and dropping classes. September 1 is the last day to enroll. “Enroll” means to build an initial schedule. New students must create a schedule by September 1. Returning students need to have their balances, health holds, and other matters cleared and be registered for classes by September 1. Students should address these matters ASAP but for sure no later than Sept. 1.

Students can make changes to their schedules until the close of business on September 8 (add a class – but not build a schedule from scratch) or drop a class without record. Changes made between September 2 and September 8 will incur a change fee.

Students who plan to complete service learning (IDS 106) must register for service learning by September 8.

Students who plan to complete internships, guided studies, and independent studies during the fall semester must submit the appropriate form (available on My.TIU) by September 8. While you finalize arrangements prior to September 8, register using the temporary registration code TR 099.

After September 8, students may not add a class; drops will have a W (withdrawal; a W stays on your record but does not impact grade point average). The final day to drop a fall semester class with a W is November 5. After November 5, students will not be able to withdraw from any class.

There are different dates for Quad A/B classes, of which there are very few:

  • Last day to drop a Quad A class w/o record is Sept. 1
  • Last day to drop a Quad A class with a W is Sept. 17
  • Last day to add a Quad B class or drop a Quad B class without record is Oct. 25
  • Last day to withdraw from a Quad B class with a W is November 12.
Date Wednesday, September 1