Last Day to Add/Drop a semester course without record

The last day to add a spring semester class is Wednesday, January 27; the Quad A deadline was January 19. This deadline applies to the traditional undergraduate program of Trinity College on the Deerfield campus only. This deadline applies to all class adds including: internships, guided studies, and independent studies. If you plan to complete an internship, guided study, or independent study during the spring semester, make sure you submit the appropriate application (available on MyTIU) and register using the temporary registration code (TR 099G, I or T) by January 27.

The last day to drop a spring semester class without record is Wednesday, January 27. After January 27 Trinity College students will not be permitted to add a semester-long class except under extraordinary circumstances–and only with a dean’s approval.

January 27 is also the final day for students to withdraw from a class without record. After January 27, a student may still drop a semester class through March 26 (Quad A classes by February 5,) but the class will remain in the student’s academic history (transcript), which will list a “W” (withdrawal); a “W” has no impact on the student’s GPA.

Students should always consult their faculty advisor(s) before adding or dropping a class. Dropping classes may affect financial aid, athletic eligibility, and degree completion, so it is critical that students seek advice prior to dropping a class.

Date Wednesday, January 27