Henry Center: Dennis Edwards

First-Century Christians were largely marginalized in their world yet possessed power to develop communities of love and justice that transformed lives. Furthermore, humility was a chief identity marker for early Jesus-followers. The Christian Scriptures present paradoxes related to power and humility: (1) God’s power is often most evident in those society views as insignificant, and (2) Humility dismantles exploitative and dehumanizing practices. Following Jesus includes the right use of power and privilege, especially for those in leadership roles such as teaching, administration, and pastoral service. By taking a deep look at power and humility in the Bible, we can develop perspectives and practices that reject injustice. We will instead find new ways to invigorate our commitment to human flourishing.

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Date Thursday, February 22
Time 11:00 am – 12:30 pm CST
Location Melton Hall, Waybright Center
Contact Information Matthew Wiley
[email protected]