Cultural Humility and Christian Hospitality: A Dialogue on Diverse Identities in Counseling

The TEDS Counseling Department in conjunction with the Advancement Office is hosting a one-day conference for our counseling students, alumni, and friends. 

Continuing Education credits will also be available. Schedule and registration informations available here:

Joshua N. Hook, professor of psychology at the University of North Texas, is this year’s speaker. Dr. Hook is also the son of Trinity’s long-time adjunct professor of counseling Jan Hook.

Summary of the Conference

It can be challenging for counselors to effectively engage with clients who have diverse cultural identities, especially if a client presents with beliefs, values, or goals that conflict with the counselor’s worldview. Cultural humility is one framework that can help counselors work with their diverse clients in a more effective way. Discussion at the conference will revolve around what cultural humility is and how we can grow in cultural humility. The importance of cultural humility from a Christian perspective will also be considered, as well as the exploration of how we can engage with cultural humility in the therapy room, including using cultural humility to help build the working alliance, repair the relationship after cultural mistakes or ruptures, and navigate values differences and conflicts.  

Date Friday, March 24