Application for Graduation in Fall 2021 is due July 15


A student may complete degree requirements and graduate from Trinity at the end of one of three different completion semesters: fall, spring, or summer. The Application for Graduation is due on December 15 of the year prior to the anticipated graduation year for spring and summer graduands. For fall graduands, the Application for Graduation is due on July 15 of the anticipated graduation year.

The following documentation must be filed with the Academic Records Office for review and verification of degree completion.

  • Application for Graduation form
  • When approved by faculty, any “Substitution/Waiver Form” should also be submitted to the Records Office for processing.
  • “6-Hour Contract,” if applicable, for commencement participation (see Commencement Participation for further information).

The application for participation in Commencement can be found using this link:

Date Thursday, July 15