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The great American philosopher William James once called philosophy, “the collective name for questions that have not been answered to the satisfaction of all who have asked them.” As a philosophy major, you will be the one asking those questions in classes at Trinity College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School as a part of your undergraduate coursework. You will also have the chance to attend conferences hosted by organizations like the American Academy of Religion and the Evangelical Philosophical Society. Whether your interests lie in ethics, apologetics, or religion, Trinity will help you develop skills that will set you apart from others in the field.


Trinity is located in a peaceful wooded setting, just 25 miles north of downtown Chicago. This prime location offers some of the nation’s best school districts, a variety of ministry organizations, and 12 Fortune 500 companies within 12 miles of campus to apply practically what you are learning in the classroom. In addition, Trinity is close to many coffee shops, restaurants, cultural experiences, and recreational activities when you need a break from the books!


Most Philosophy majors finish their degree in 3-4 years. Requirements total 31 hours. These include 16 core hours of Philosophy courses and 15 hours from elective courses. Additionally, students may complete up to two specializations of 12 hours each chosen from among their elective hours.


You will have the opportunity to interact with some of the great philosophers of our time through academic conferences and in-class video conversations. Past guests have included William Lane Craig, Os Guinness, and others.


Studying philosophy at Trinity will empower you to develop, express, and defend your own philosophical perspective. You will learn to bring your ideas into dialogue with past masters and current dignitaries, many of whom are great Christian minds.

By using a distinctly critical, historical, and Christian approach, our goal is to help you be a part of the next generation of excellent thinkers. You will interact with perspectives foreign to and familiar with the Christian tradition. You will know how to think carefully about these views. And you will be prepared to stake claims and provide reasons for a design plan aimed at truth, goodness, and beauty.


At Trinity, you’ll be equipped to think critically and biblically in every area of life as you are challenged to apply your faith to your coursework and classroom conversations. And instead of approaching general education as a checklist of courses to be completed, Trinity’s distinctive educational approach gives you the freedom to choose courses that are most interesting and relevant to you. Working closely with your faculty advisor, you can select from electives to enhance your major, apply toward a minor, create a double major, or simply experience something new. The choices are yours! All along the way, you’ll be cared for and supported, ensuring that you make the most of your college experience.


Requirements total 31 hours. These include 16 core hours of Philosophy courses and 15 hours from elective courses. Additionally, students may complete up to two specializations of 12 hours each chosen from among their elective hours. You’ll take interesting courses like:

  • Foundations of Cultural Engagement
  • Psychology of Religion
  • Seminar in Business and Management Ethics


  • Apologetics
  • Ethics
  • Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy Courses

Course Title Credits
HUM 200 The Western Heritage I: From Antiquity to the Reformation 3 hours
HUM 210 The Western Heritage II: From the Scientific Revolution to the Twentieth Century 3 hours
HUM 220 Literary Classics of the Western World 3 hours
HUM 499 Humanities Capstone 3 hours
Philosophy Wrap-Around Core
Course Title Credits
PH 170 Logic 3 hour
PH 180 Introduction to Philosophy 3 hour
PH 431X Contemporary Theory 3 hour
PH 460X Seminar on Problems in Philosophy and the Philosophy of History 3 hour
Requirements total 33 hours. These include 12 hours of humanities core, 12 hours of philosophy wrap-around core courses, and 9 hours from elective courses. Additionally, students may complete one or two emphases of 9 hours chosen as their elective hours.
Electives and Emphases

Philosophy majors are required to take select one of the following options.

      • 9 additional hours of philosophy courses (or)
      • the Christian Apologetics Emphasis (9 hours) (or)
      • the Ethical Theory and Practice Emphasis (9 hours)
          An emphasis is not required.
Christian Apologetics
Course Title Credits
PH 290 Christian Apologetics 3 hours
Select Two of the Following
HI 358X Christianity and Darwinism 3 hours
ME 5001 Foundations of Evangelism (Graduate level class available to qualified students) 3 hours
PH 351 Topics in Apologetics 3 hours
PH 363X Survey of Religious Diversity 3 hours
PR 5600 Christian Faith and Contemporary Challenges (Graduate level class available to qualified students) 3 hours
PSY 430 Psychology of Religion 3 hours
Total Hours 9 hours
Ethical Theory and Practice
Course Title Credits
Chose One
PH 182
PH 482
Ethical Theory
3 hours
Select two of the following:
BE 6200 Ethical Theory (Graduate level class available to qualified students) 3 hours
BUS 490 Seminar in Business and Management Ethics 3 hours
PH 234 Love and Friendship 3 hours
PH 352 Topics in Ethics 3 hours
PH 474X Introduction to Bioethics 3 hours
PH 475X Topics in Bioethics 3 hours
PH 476X Undergraduate Bioethics Institute 3 hours
PH 477X Undergraduate National Conference 3 hours
Total Hours 9 hours
Recommended Additional Courses
ENG 306 Renaissance Literature 3 hours
ENG 310 Romantic Literature 3 hours
ENG 318 American Literature I: Puritanism Through Transcendentalism 3 hours
ENG 320 American Literature II: Civil War Through Depression 3 hours
ENG 350 Topics in Literature 1-3 hours
ENG 406 Shakespeare 3 hours
ENG 420 Capstone Seminar in the British Novel 3 hours
HI 271 Topics in World History 3 hours
HI 321X American Church History 3 hours
HI 322X Topics in Church History 3 hours
HI 325 Topics in European History 3 hours
HI 340X History of Christianity 3 hours
HI 372 History of Ideas in America 3 hours
HI 373 African American History 3 hours
HI 375 Topics in American History 3 hours
HI 376 Twentieth-Century American Cultural History 3 hours
HI 430 Seminar in Early Modern Europe 3 hours
HI 471 Seminar in Colonial and Revolutionary America 3 hours


Lawyer Business Ethics Consultant
Professor Editor
Consumer Advocate Mediator
Pastor Museum Manager
Author Theologian


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