Occasional Courses

Throughout the calendar year, TEDS offers graduate credit courses throughout North America at a variety of sites linked with special events or anticipated future program sites. These Occasional Courses often include conference settings in venues like the Urbana Conference, The Spiritual Formation Forum, Xenos Summer Institute, and others.

For more details, contact the office of Extension and Affiliated Education at 800.588.7705 or 847.317.6550.


Occasional Course:

THEOLOGY 1: The God of the Gospel (ST 5201)—3 credit hours
Instructor: Dr. Martin I. Klauber, PhD (Affiliate Professor of Church History)
Times: Friday 6:30–9:00 PM; Saturday 8:00–12:00 PM; 1:00–5:00 PM
Dates: September 6–7; October 4–5; November 1–2; December 6–7
Host: Forest Lakes District EFCA/Door Creek Church
Door Creek Church
6602 Dominion Drive
Madison, WI 53713
Contact: Scott Sterner—[email protected]
Degree-Track Students: $495 per credit hour
Auditing Students: $250 per course
All Students: Course Registration
Credit Visiting Students: Visiting Student Application
Non Credit (Auditing) Visiting Students: Auditing Student Application
New students—please fill out the Visiting Student Application first.
All students—fill out the course registration form.
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