MA in Systematic Theology

36 Hours


Trinity’s Master in Systematic Theology will teach you to engage theological ideas in the world today through a strong biblical foundation, mastery of our diverse evangelical heritage, and familiarity with the richness of Christian faith and practice across the globe.

Coming to Trinity, you will sit under theologians actively engaged in the academy and deeply invested in the life of the church. Their shared commitment to the gospel and diverse theological perspectives will challenge you to deepen your understanding of and faith in God. The curriculum intentionally prepares you to address contemporary questions in a winsome and robustly theological manner.

“The world needs right-minded and right-hearted pastor-theologians and I can’t imagine doing anything more important than training students to teach doctrine in ways that make disciples, form citizens of the gospel, and build up local churches. Nor is there anywhere better to do it than TEDS—a veritable microcosm of global evangelicalism.”

Kevin J. Vanhoozer
Research Professor


Study with the Authors

Combining unrivaled academic rigor with a wholehearted commitment to gospel fidelity and an abundance of flexible options, TEDS offers a theological education that equips you to serve Christ with wisdom and grace, in truth and love.




  • Undergraduate major in Bible and/or theology, or a minimum of 12 hours of undergraduate work in Bible and/or theological studies
  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • Score from the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or Miller Analogies Test (MAT) may be required if your GPA is less than 3.0 or if the Admissions
    Office requests them.


Biblical and Systematic Theology Core: 9 hours

  • Biblical Theology and Interpretation
  • Theology I: The God of the Gospel
  • Theology II: The Gospel of God

Concentration Core: 19-26 hours

  • Global Theologies
  • Use of Scripture in Theology
  • At least one course in Biblical Theology
  • At least two courses in Historical Theology and/or Contemporary Theology

Elective: 10-11 hours

Field Education and Capstone: 0-3 hours

  • Comprehensive exam
  • Two major papers OR thesis project

Making Seminary Affordable

Percentage of students who receive financial aid

100% {waiting for real numbers}

Average financial aid package

$2,500 {waiting for real numbers}

Because of the generosity of our supporters who, like you, are driven to see the Gospel proclaimed we are able to alleviate some of the cost of pursuing Seminary education.

“In my very first course, the professor emphasized the importance of listening generously. I now think about that every single day. How we can be generous listeners in conversations with one another and in our engagement with theological texts—searching for the question underneath the question so that we can become better communicators. TEDS taught me how to be an excellent rhetorician and communicator of the gospel.”

Aleana Saldaña

MA/ST ’21

Aleana Saldana MAST e1645825070659


Being entrusted with the gospel has been Trinity’s calling since 1897. Our purpose as a divinity school is to know the gospel, live the gospel and make the gospel known. Trinity mentors students in a community of biblical orthodoxy as Christ-followers in a post-Christian culture. Trinity’s faculty is among the most widely published in evangelical academia and has deeply influenced the leaders shaping the present and future of evangelical Christianity across the globe.