Susie M. Cohen, PhD

Associate Dean of TIU - Florida
Assistant Professor of Education


PhD, Curriculum & Instruction: Science Education, Florida International University
MS, Elementary Education, St. Thomas University
BS, Elementary Education, Miami Christian College


[email protected]

Susie M. Cohen is a graduate of Florida International University, where she completed doctoral studies in addressing the underrepresentation of women in STEM-related fields. Her work focuses on familial occupations and early STEM experiences and the relationship to STEM identity and career intentions. Susie has published work in Educational Studies, Science Education (in press) and Science and Children. She has also presented at regional and national conferences with NSTA and NARST. Susie’s previous experiences in education include teaching at the college level as well as serving in elementary/middle school. She has also functioned in administrative roles such as, lead teacher, department head and science coordinator. Susie and her husband Steve have two daughters, Christy and Kaitlyn.

Selected Publications

Cohen, S. M., Hazari, Z., Mahadeo, J., Sonnert, G., & Sadler, P. (in press). Exploring the effects of early STEM experiences on STEM identity and identity capital. Science Education.Cohen, S. M., & Chang, M. (2020). Science achievement within the United States: A view through affective and demographic lenses. Educational Studies, 46(2), 221-239.

Cohen, S. (2018). [Review of the book Genius Optical Inventions by Matt Turner]. Science and Children, 55(6), 97.

Cohen, S. (2017). [Review of the book Nutrition by James L. Larsen]. Science and Children, 54(2), 79-80.

Cohen, S. (2016). [Review of the book Wearable Robots by Carla Mooney]. Science Scope, 40(4), 80.

Cohen, S. Hazari, Z., Sonnert, G., & Sadler, P. (2021). Gender Differences in Early STEM Capital: A Focus on K-4 STEM Experiences. NARST 2021 Annual International Conference, Virtual.

Cohen S., Hazari, Z., Sonnert, G. & Sadler, P. (2019). Exploring the Effects of Early STEM Experiences on STEM Identity: A Gender Study. NARST 2019 Annual International Conference, Baltimore, MD.

Cohen, S., Hazari, H., & Potvin, G. (2018). STEM Begets STEM: Examining the Effects of Familial Careers on Students’ STEM Career Aspirations. NARST 2018 Annual International Conference. Atlanta, GA.

Cohen, S. (2017). Pursuing the Red Planet. NSTA Area Conference. Baltimore, MD.

Awards, Affiliations, and Achievements

  • National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST), 2018 – Present
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2017 – Present
  • National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), 2015 – Present
  • Young Astronauts Council (YAC), 2009
  • Dade Academy for Excellence in Teaching (DAET), 2000
  • NASA Educational Workshop (NEW), 2000
  • NARST Outstanding Doctoral Award Finalist, 2021
  • University Graduate School: Dissertation Year Fellowship, 2019
  • State of Florida: University System of Florida Legislative Budget Request, 2019