12 Resources for Churches

Free Resources

The Carl F. H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding
Bridging the gap between the academy and the church. Audio, video and print resources available for immediate downloading, addressing the most current issues facing the Church by leading Evangelical pastors and theologians.

The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity
Exploring the nexus of medicine, technology, and our common humanity. CBHD produces a wide range of print and online resources, reflecting the best in Christian scholarship on the pressing issues of science, medicine, life, death and human dignity. The Center is a Christian bioethics research center at Trinity International University and is one aspect of the University’s Bioethics [at Trinity] initiative.

The Center for Transformational Churches
The Center exists to serve as a resource both to church members and church leaders to help pastors and other church leaders better understand the vital connection between faith, work, and economics with their congregations.

For TIU Graduates

American Theological Library Association Database

The TIU Office of Alumni & Community Relations, in partnership with the Rolfing Library, is pleased to offer online research tools for alumni. This service, available to all Trinity alumni, is accessible exclusively through Trinity Town. Registered Trinity Town users are able to access over one hundred journals and thousands of full-text scholarly articles through the American Theological Library Association database known as ATLASerials® (ATLAS®). ATLAS is a comprehensive collection of major religion and theology journals selected by leading religion scholars and theologians.

For Ordained Pastors or Missionaries with the EFCA

Your son or daughter will be guaranteed a minimum of $13,000 in TIU financial aid. This does not include any additional federal and state money you may receive. Contact Undergraduate Admissions for more information.


College or divinity school students from your church may qualify for $500-$5,000 in grants annually.

Contact Church Relations Director, Carl Johnson at [email protected] or 847.317.7005 to discuss the numerous church-related scholarships Trinity offers.

Trinity Journal

A theological journal published twice each year by the faculty of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Articles deal with classic biblical, historical, and theological issues, many of pastoral importance and most of timeless significance to Christians. Annual subscriptions are available, please visit www.trinj.com for more information

Trinity Professors

Available to speak at your church, district, ministerial, etc. Undergraduate FacultyGraduate FacultyTEDS Faculty

Contact us at 847.317.8199 to schedule a professor of your choice to speak to your audience.

Additional Church Staff Members

Mentor the next generation of pastors while getting assistance with your current ministry activities.

TEDS Chapel Services

Chapels and Lectures: Check out our Chapel and Lectures schedule and feel free to join us on campus, live or on demand.

A College, Seminary, Graduate, & Law School

Educational programs of all types fully committed to academic excellence and biblical faithfulness.


Trinity staff pray for the Church worldwide every week in chapel, bible studies, formation groups, staff prayer meetings, etc. Send your prayer requests to [email protected].

Classes & Degrees From Anywhere in the World

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School continues to make seminary education more accessible.