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Equipping the Church with Accredited Education

Bill Yaccino, Greg Strand, and David Bryan explore the transformative potential of theological education beyond traditional seminary settings, offering accessible, high-quality certificate programs tailored to various church members – from pastors and professionals to aspiring ministers and retirees. Partnerships between theological institutions and local churches are enriching discipleships, fostering deep understanding, and propelling the church community into a new era of theological growth and ministry impact.


Bill Yaccino

Director of Church Relations

Greg Strand

Executive Director Theology, EFCA

David Bryan

Assistant Director of the Master of Divinity



Why choose TEDS certificate programs?

$167 per credit hour

*with 50% scholarship

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School certificate programs help you to strengthen your ministry skills within a specific area or enhance your graduate degree. TEDS world-class faculty will not only provide instruction but also personally interact with you throughout your program. Each of our certificates draw from the core disciplines of our curriculum and can be used as an entry point into our master’s programs.

Who is a certificate for?

Our certificates provide theological and ministry training for all kinds of people and vocational callings in the church today.

Ministry Staff

Ministry Directors who don't have formal theological education, but are passionate about serving the Lord faithfully and want to continue to grow in the ministry.

Group Leaders

Discipleship or Small Group leaders who want to dig deeper and invest in richer scriptural knowledge.

Retired Ministry Member

Retired or retiring member who is looking for something to delve into their next phase of life.


Pastors who already have a Master’s degree but want more equipping, maybe in original language work or counseling skills.

Called to Ministry

Young men and women who feel the Lord leading them to prayerfully prepare for a lifetime of ministry.

Medical or Legal Professional

Medical or legal professional who wants to infuse their faith into their current vocation in a deeper way.

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