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Trinity offers education programs at every level and in a variety of focus areas. We can help you find the right certification, build a specialty, and continue growing throughout your career.

Bachelor of Arts: Six programs in elementary and secondary education

Master of Arts: Two programs for currently practicing teachers

Doctor of Philosophy: One program for leaders in higher education

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Bachelor of Arts / Elementary Education

Elementary teachers have the unique joy and responsibility of caring for young minds in their most formative years. We will develop you personally, professionally, and practically to equip you to transition from sitting in a classroom to leading a classroom. (Credits: 61 / Length: 4 years.)

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Bachelor of Arts / English Education

English teachers have the privilege of empowering students to effectively express their own voices. As an English with Secondary Education Licensure major at Trinity, you will learn the history of language and literature, foundations of grammar, and how to cultivate creativity as you teach.. (Credits: 92 / Length: 4 years.)

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Bachelor of Arts / Math Education

Excellent mathematicians prepared to engage in classroom settings are in high demand. We will equip you with not only the fundamental knowledge of problem-solving and logic, but also with the ability to translate that knowledge into effective lessons for your students. (Credits: 87 / Length: 4 years.)

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Bachelor of Arts / History/Social Studies Education

History continues to stand the test of time. Make the stories in textbooks come to life as you learn how to show students the importance of history as it relates to their lives and the world today. Leaving Trinity, you will be prepared to engage contemporary issues with the next generation of learners. (Credits: 92 / Length: 4 years.)

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Bachelor of Arts / Biology Education

Science teachers are in high demand. As a Biology with Secondary Education Licensure major, you will be equipped with a fundamental understanding of the world around you, the ability to think in a critical and God-honoring way, and the skills to pass on this knowledge to your students. (Credits: 95 / Length: 4 years.)

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Bachelor of Arts / Music K-12 Education

Students are eager to share their individual voices. We will equip you with the musical training and theoretical understanding needed to teach students how to use their talents in a significant way. Be an instrument of change in your students’ lives as you bring your love of music into the classroom. (Credits: 90 / Length: 4 years.)

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Master of Education / Diverse Learning

The MEd in Diverse Learning helps the classroom teacher position him/herself for professional advancement as an instructional expert who is ready to teach all learners well. The program includes coursework in differentiation, gifted, special education and English as a second language (ESL). The endorsements embedded in this degree program and the degree itself include key elements that support a teacher’s skill, employability, and professional advancement. This program, unlike many other graduate degrees, is purposely designed to be practical. Every assignment asks teachers to take what they are learning, apply it in the classroom, and report the results. (Credits: 39 / Length: 1.3 years.)

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Master of Arts / Teaching

For more than ten years, Trinity International University has been helping working adults become licensed teachers in the state of Illinois. In our Master of Arts in Teaching degree, you will gain the experience you need to be an excellent teacher and a spiritually sensitive educator. This program seeks to develop highly qualified Christian teachers who view teaching as a mission; they nurture students, reflect critically on practice, and facilitate classroom experience to maximize the potential of all learners. (Credits: 45-47 / Length: 1.8 years.)

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Doctor of Philosophy / Educational Studies

Cultivating organizational leaders from many vocations through a diverse, collaborative learning community. The PhD (Educational Studies) is designed to further the development of leaders already serving in organizations such as higher education institutions, mission agencies, congregations, parachurch agencies, and relief and development agencies. The PhD/EDS represents an interdependent learning community comprised of leaders from a variety of cultures, countries, and backgrounds. (Credits: 60 / Length: Varies.)

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