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Village Church of Lincolnshire – Director of Youth and Family

201 N. Riverwoods Rd.
Lake Forest,

Position Type

Director of Youth and Family


Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA)

Ministry Area

Youth/Student Ministry

Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

Purpose: The Director of Youth and Family will play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation’s spiritual foundation by building authentic relationships with students, families, and the larger Lincolnshire community.

Key Responsibilities:
1. Community Networking: Actively engage and partner with schools and organizations within the Lincolnshire community to reinforce VCL’s presence and purpose. Initiate contact with community leaders, school officials, service organizations, etc. to explore meaningful partnerships to meet needs within the community.
2. Direct Leadership and Support: Provide direct Student Ministry leadership and offer consistent support for the Family Ministry Team.
1. Facilitate weekly youth meetings encompassing Bible lessons, prayer sessions, games, and fellowship.
2. Organize and oversee yearly retreats, special fellowship activities, ministry projects, and youth team leadership development o
Family Ministry:
1 Share engaging children’s stories in worship and promote children’s worship program.
2 Conduct team meetings and provide continual resources and support for the Family Ministry Team.
3 Help envision, plan, and organize special outreach events.
3. Intentional Relationship Building: Foster genuine connections with both students and parents to enhance spiritual growth and church involvement. This could include attendance at school activities, one on one discipleship, mentoring, working together on church projects, etc.
4. Church Life Integration: Actively participate and contribute to all church activities, highlighting a commitment to the values and vision of VCL. This would include welcoming others, worshiping, praying, and fellowship to help share in the VCL community life.

1. Education: A bachelor’s degree in Bible or Christian ministry. Preferred specialization in youth and family training.
2. Experience: Minimum 2 years in voluntary or staff leadership roles within a church setting.
3. Travel & Physical Requirements: Ability to travel as required and maintain a general level of physical fitness. Must possess a valid driver’s license.
4. Residence: Must live locally, or willing to relocate to the Lincolnshire area.

Skills & Traits:
1. A committed Christian, actively living a lifestyle that exemplifies caring and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.
2. Exceptional listening and communication skills, adept at interactions ranging from one-on-one to large groups, and proficient in utilizing social media for engagement.
3. An open, genuine, and authentic demeanor, resonating a grace-based approach.
4. Strong technological competency.
5. Self-motivation coupled with a vision for growth.
6. Proficient in delegation and task distribution.
7. Demonstrated ability to be a harmonious team member, especially with the church staff.

1. Uphold and advocate for the core values of VCL.
2. Become an active member of the Village Church of Lincolnshire.
3. Maintain an unwavering dedication to the spiritual growth and well-being of the youth and families within the VCL community.

Candidates will be expected to pass a criminal background check, and a credit check.

Interested candidates are invited to submit their resume, along with a cover letter briefly detailing their journey of faith and their desire to serve in a local church.

Email the search team at: [email protected] subject line: resume.