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Village Bible Church – Campus Teaching/Preaching Pastor

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Village Bible Church ( is seeking a Campus Teaching/Preaching Pastor with a church planter’s mindset.

The Campus Pastor is the point person for the ministry of Village Bible Church at their campus, leading the implementation of ministries at the campus level. This person teaches, establishes strategy, recruits leaders, champions ministry, works to assimilate people into small group connections and ministry involvement while providing pastoral care and up-front leadership to the campus. The campus pastor is responsible for the effectiveness of ministry at their campus.

Ministry Responsibilities
A. Teaching & Worship Services (25%): Your preaching and teaching ministry should promote and enhance the corporate worship of God and knowledge of sound doctrine. You should instruct the congregation from the scriptures on such matters as the practice of personal holiness, the fellowship of believers, the strengthening of Christian families, evangelism, world missions and how believers ought to conduct themselves in everyday life.
1. Preaching Ministry: Has a passion for preaching and is a dynamic, culturally-relevant communicator with a strong Gospel- centered biblical expository teaching/preaching gift. In this role, you serve as a member of the Village Bible Church teaching team and function as the primary preacher (65-70% of worship services) for the campus.
2. Worship Services: Oversee the development of worship services and the implementation of those services in conjunction with music ministry leaders.
3. Ordinances: Along with the rest of the elder team, you share in the responsibility of administering the ordinances, dedicating children and officiating at weddings and funerals. You are the primary point person for weddings and funerals.
B. Team Builder / Ministry Leadership (25%): You will lead the ministry teams of your campus, establishing strategy and supporting them as they carry out the overall direction set by the Guiding Elders.
1. Visible Leader & Communicator: Serves as the leader and communicator for your campus.
2. Staff & Volunteer Leadership: Oversees the campus ministry staff and volunteers – supporting and enabling people to meaningfully engage in the work of the church. Serves as VBC’s intentional agent of unity across all staff, ministries, and functions to best complete VBC’s mission statement. Develops volunteer leaders through coaching, training, building relationships, and communicating the Village vision.
3. Impact Accountability: Collaborates with the campus staff to monitor metrics in order to achieve benchmarks for growth and assimilation on your campus.
4. Community Connector: Connects with the local community and community leaders representing Village and its vision beyond its walls in collaboration with the rest of the impact team.
5. Ministry Oversight: Responsible for the overall ministry of his campus. This includes:
◦ Shepherding: Leads the campus shepherding elder team. Equipping, encouraging and empowering them to be the front- line shepherds of the church.
◦ Small Group Champion: Ensure that the people of your campus are involved in healthy, disciple-making communities. in In cooperation with Small Groups ministry leadership, champions this ministry by vision-casting, recruitment and support of shepherds and leaders.
◦ Music Ministry: Oversees the campus director of worship music with the assistance of the all-church worship pastor.
◦ First Impressions Ministry: Implement a processes which will assimilate people to the VBC family, creating a hospitable and invitational environment from parking lot to worship center, including hosting a monthly dessert night for new attenders at your house.
◦ Assimilation / Discipleship Process: Implement the effective assimilation process so that people move from being a first- time attender to being connected into the church and a growing as a follower of Christ. Oversee moving church family through the assimilation and 3D discipleship process and mobilizing the church to use gifts and passion to serve Christ.
◦ Children’s Ministry: Oversees the director of children’s ministry who is responsible for providing leadership in planning, conducting, and evaluating a Christ-centered program for infant through elementary. This role is more of a leadership role than a hand’s on role and focuses on nursery, Children’s Worship, Awana, VBS and other children’s ministries. It’s heavily focused on envisioning, enlisting, equipping, encouraging and evaluating.
• Outreach: Oversee the local community outreach and community awareness of the church.
• Missions: Continually grow a heart for missions and our VBC missionaries in the life of the church. Implements requests and strategy of the missions committee and promotes involvement in the VBC missions programs.
• Discipleship Ministries: Makes sure that our Children, Student, Men’s, Women’s, and Equipping ministries have established leaders and are firing on all cylinders.
• Facilities: Oversee the facilities team, helping them develop teams and strategy to ensure that the outside of the facility improves the neighborhood through its appealing landscape and attention to detail. Also ensures that the building is well maintained, organized and provides a clean and safe environment for children.
• Financial Accountability: Maintaining financial integrity and stability. Responsible for carrying out ministry within the established budget, promoting a spirit of generosity, and to strategically achieve budgeted contributions.
C. Eldering/Shepherding (25%): In this role, you will lead your campus elder team and will also serve as a part of the campus shepherding elder team and strive to fulfill the role of elder as outlined in the VBC constitution and shepherding elder ministry description. You will be the primary shepherd for your flock families. This will require that you connect in a fairly significant way with each of your flock families monthly, pray for them daily, and genuinely get to know them.
1. Small Group: Lead and shepherd an evening small group with your spouse.
2. Discipleship: Develop one-on-one relationships with members, providing discipleship with at least two individuals ongoing.
3. Counseling: Provide pastoral care and counseling as needed, with a priority on your flock.
4. Hospitality: Regularly spend one-on-one time over a meal or in some other context, with a focus on your shepherding elders and other leaders. With your spouse, host one or two families in your home each month.
5. Evangelism: Evangelism should be part of your life and ministry. And since the mandate to evangelize is the responsibility of every Christian, you should also encourage and train others to participate in evangelistic and missionary outreach.
6. Visitation: Visiting those from your flock who are sick and assisting other elders when crisis arises that they are unable to care for.
D. All Church Responsibility: Oversee one area of all-church ministry. (15%):
1. None this year, since the role is new. An all church responsibility will be added over the course of the year.
E. Pastoral Team (10%):
1. Team: Serve as a part of the pastoral team of VBC, attending weekly pastor’s meetings, and contributing to the overall good of the other campuses.

In a macro sense, you are accountable to the Guiding Elder Team. The guiding elders lead through the Lead Pastor and Executive pastor, who are a part of the Guiding Elder Team.
• Lead Pastor: The lead pastor directs the overall ministry across campuses and will help you set ongoing campus goals.
• Executive Pastor: The executive pastor directs the day-to-day ministry across campuses and will work with you to carry out your campus goals.
• Location: Your ministry will involve a combination of study and meeting with others. As such, there is flexibility as to where and when you complete your responsibilities.
• Office Hours: Maintain office hours at your campus as often as possible, especially when the building is in use. Mondays should be reserved for meeting with your supervisors, with campus pastors and with elders.
• Schedule: VBC will provide you with a personal Google Calendar that should be used to detail actual ministry completed as well as planned upcoming ministry along with a weekly recap and goals report. These weekly recaps and goal reports should be completed at the end of ministry day on Sunday (no later than 10 am on Monday).
Personal Expectations
• Word/Prayer: We want our ministry to be orchestrated by God and not by man. Accordingly, we expect that our pastors set aside ample time for God’s Word and for dialog with Him through prayer.
• Lifestyle: As a servant of the Lord, you are expected to maintain a lifestyle worthy of the Gospel, consistent with Village Bible Church’s “General Staff Expectations” and in accord with the qualifications for elders found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.
• Growth: You should pursue professional and spiritual growth. A personal growth plan will be developed with your supervisor and with approval of the local and guiding elders on an annual basis.
• Generosity: You are expected to lead by example when it comes to generous living and wise stewardship in your personal life. This includes giving 10% of your gross family income back to VBC and living out the principles we teach as a church.
• Diligence: On average, it is expected that this role can be carried out with excellence in 50 hours per week (which is akin to the workload of an active church member who has both a full-time job and significant church responsibilities). Some weeks the ministry role may be accomplished in less time, other weeks it may take more time, but it is the expectation this would be the average. The focus percentages in the job description are estimates of the breakdown between areas of responsibility.
• Sabbath: You are expected to relax from ministry and take a Sabbath day of rest each week. The actual number of hours spent in the fulfillment of your duties each day may vary with the responsibilities of that day but will normally average 50 hours per week. You are expected to use your own discretion in the stewardship of your time, so that you are neither overworked nor underemployed.
• Spouse Involvement: If married, involve your wife in as much of your shepherding as possible.
• Priority: You may find opportunities to minister outside of Village Bible Church and may accept such opportunities as approved by the guiding elders; however, your primary responsibility to your duties at this church should take precedence over such other ministries.
Genuine: We are comfortable in our own skin and because of that we will be authentic and genuine in our interactions with others. We embrace transparency and honesty, creating an atmosphere of trust and openness within the church. We avoid pretense and are true to ourselves and others, fostering meaningful connections and relationships.

Our dedicated staff members embody a set of goals that guide their ministry and service to our congregation. Rooted in our mission to bring glory to God and make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals, our staff members strive to uphold a set of core values that define their approach to serving the church and its members.
Relational: We will embody a deep love for people, investing our time and effort into building meaningful connections and fostering a strong sense of community. We approach our interactions with sincerity and warmth, creating an environment where individuals feel genuinely valued and supported. Through this relational approach, we foster deep relationships that go beyond superficial connections, cultivating a church family where everyone can experience a true sense of belonging and support.
Invested: We are wholeheartedly committed to our roles and responsibilities. We exemplify dedication and passion, investing our time, energy, and resources to serve the church and its members. This commitment often means working long hours and being flexible with schedule changes to ensure the needs of the church are met. We understand that ministry may require sacrifice and are willing to go above and beyond, demonstrating a strong work ethic and a desire to make a lasting impact.
Tenacious: We pursue unwavering determination and resilience. We embrace challenges and are not afraid to ask hard questions of ourselves and about how to be more effective in our ministry endeavors. We continually seek improvement, pushing the boundaries and exploring new possibilities for growth and development. Our tenacious spirit inspires others to persevere and overcome obstacles in their own lives.
Team-oriented: We value the power of collaboration and embrace a team approach to ministry. We recognize that each member of the team has unique gifts and talents to contribute. We foster a sense of unity, encouraging teamwork and creating an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to fulfill their roles effectively. We recognize that we are better together!!
Yielded to Christ: We give our ultimate allegiance and devotion to God and His word and are deeply rooted in our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We seek guidance from God, aligning our decisions and actions with biblical principles. This priority inspires others to seek a deeper connection with God and follow His teachings.
The Campus Pastor should be a spiritually mature man who is a leader that is characterized by authentic humility based on his confident position in Christ.
He must also have a passion for seeing the local church mature into Christ-likeness and impact its world for Christ. He must be thoroughly Biblical yet culturally relevant, attuned to the culture of the community as well as to the specific culture of VBC.
He must be a man who can be trusted, possessing a wisdom and discernment that brings credibility to his position. He must be a man that all staff enjoy meeting with, not only because he is a warm and caring individual but because they know he will bring added resources to their ministries, helping them function at higher levels of effectiveness and efficiency, thus insuring greater ministry impact.

He will hold true to the church’s constitution, including its doctrines and moral teachings.
He will protect the flock from false teaching and will seek the unity of the congregation.
He will develop strategies for his campus that will enable the campus to carry out the vision and direction of the church. He will demonstrate that he is conversant in matters of theology and contemporary cultural issues.
He will have a servant style of leadership.
His Walk with God
He must meet the qualifications of an elder, as listed in 1 Timothy 3:1–7 and Titus 1:6–9 and as identified in the church’s Constitution.
He will continue to grow in his relationships with Jesus Christ, his family and the church family.
He will devote himself to prayer and the ministry of the Word. He must have a burden for prayer and lead the congregation in seeking God regularly.
He will be known as a man of integrity, humility, and personal holiness.
He must delight in making other people a success through his personal mentoring and encouragement, and in his witness for Christ in personal relationships outside the church.
If married, his wife must be a mature Christian woman devoted to the Lord, her husband, and her children (if any). She must be completely supportive of her husband’s role as pastor.
Personal Strengths
He must demonstrate a love for God and His Word, and a love for people. He must demonstrate a God-given call to the ministry. He must have the ability to preach, teach, and apply the Word of God in challenging, relevant ways.
He must have the ability to relate well with people from many different backgrounds and ethnicities.
He must have strong, proven communication and leadership skills and experience.
He must have the ability to unify and mobilize people in pursuit of a common vision, for the benefit of both the church and the wider community.
He must have the ability to develop and lead a high-caliber ministry team.

Please look over this job description and the church website. Along with your resume please answer these questions:

Why do you believe that you might be a good fit as the Campus Pastor at Village Bible Church?

Describe your experiences in ministry and how you may be qualified to serve as the Campus Pastor of Village Bible Church?

In just a few sentences please give a summary of your theology and how that is in line with the doctrine of Village Bible Church?

Please send your resume, the answers to these questions and a link to at least one online sermon to [email protected]