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Valley Church – Special Needs and Disability Associate

4343 Fuller Road
West Des Moines,
United States

Position Type

Special Needs and Disability Associate


Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA)

Ministry Area

Children’s/Family Ministry

Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

Objective: Provide administrative and spiritual leadership in the Special Needs Ministry to advance the vision and mission of Valley Church. Leadership roles include the recruitment, discipleship, and equipping of volunteers and leaders to fulfill the broad scope of current and future growth and development of the Special Needs Ministry (birth-adult).

Compensation: Full time, 45-50 hours per week, annual salary (commensurate with experience, education, and credentials). Exempt status. Benefits include group health insurance, paid vacations, and other benefits as outlined in our Personnel Policies.

ROLE: The Special Needs Ministry Associate is a…

• DNA Carrier: Completely embraces and contagiously communicates the mission, values, strategy, and impact measures of Valley Church.
• Relational Leader: Friendly and approachable.
• Talent Scout: Always on the lookout for new leaders and volunteers.
• Solution Specialist: Able to identify problems and find solutions.
• Time Manager: Able to prioritize, organize, and execute next steps to move ministry forward.
• Cheerleader: Encouraging to leaders, volunteers, and staff.
• Catalytic Leader: Able to rally people to a cause.
• Developer: Able to recruit, develop, and impactfully connect hundreds of volunteers to serving in weekly
discipleship programs as well as community outreach events.
• Healthy Relationship Champion: Cares for the spiritual, emotional, and relational health of families with special needs and provides opportunities for connection and support.
• Team Builder: Can build teams and identify high-capacity leaders to build more teams. Empowers others to lead, not just to do. Experienced multiplier/builder (rather than just a great doer, this role is a great equipper).
• Coach: works with other ministry staff to provide insights and help to minimize barriers and provide as inclusive of an environment as possible for individuals with special needs.
• Community liaison: work with community organizations that support families and individuals with special needs to determine how Valley Church can partner with them in support of Valley Church families and others in our community.
Personally, the Special Needs and Disability Associate is….
• Theologically and missionally aligned: agrees with the theology and mission of Valley Church and the EFCA.
• Action-oriented: Decisive, within rightful submission to authority.
• Highly Relational: Loves, enjoys, and excels at relating to individuals within the church as well as unchurched
members of the community.
• Humble learner: Can take direction and feedback well and has a great desire to learn.
• Co-laborer: Comes alongside senior leaders to help them achieve the mission-aligned goals of our church.
• Energetic Multi-Tasker: Able to work on a broad range of projects and levels.
• Seasoned: Knows and loves our church. No question on understanding and agreeing on our ministry philosophy, practices, and values.
• Conflict resolver: Able and unafraid to work through interpersonal conflicts, ministry misalignment, or issues of sin. True peacemaker.
• Time manager: Does not require external systems to prioritize; is intrinsically motivated.
• Trustworthy: Has unwavering loyalty to Christ, senior leaders, and Valley Church. Understands sensitive
situations and maintains complete confidentiality. Skilled with diplomatic endeavors.
• Flexible: Understands the complexity of working with a variety of staff/perspectives and collaboratively works with patience, flexibility, and grace.
• Person of integrity: At the core, he or she makes solid decisions based on lifelong, biblical values.
• Responsible: Able to take ownership of commitments.
• Self-aware individual: Knows where he or she is weak and finds others to fill in those gaps. Emotionally
intelligent and healthy.
• Disciple: Fully devoted to following Jesus in everything he or she does.

JOB: The Special Needs Ministry Associate is responsible for….

• Communication:
o Embrace and share the vision of the ministry and how it supports the vision and mission of Valley
Church. This would include to families to grow the ministry and with the general church population to
recruit the volunteer teams needed to support the ministry.
o Inform families and community partners of the different events going on through emails, social media
posts, and reaching out to TV reporters, radio, and newspaper coverage.
o Promote awareness and acceptance throughout the church and community.
• Leadership: Provide primary leadership for the growth of the ministry in all areas (children, youth, adults, families and community outreach) by communicating and working in good will with the ministry leaders that the Special Needs Ministry supports. This includes working with leaders in Children’s Ministry, Student Ministries,
Adult Ministries (Life Groups), Valley Community Center, and other community groups.
• Healthy Relationships: Minister to, encourage, pray for, and be personally involved in the lives of the
families and the volunteers. Develop a team of volunteers to provide regular respite events for parents,
community groups for moms and dads, and encouragement for caretakers.
• Leadership Pipeline: On-going recruitment of volunteers, team leaders, and coordinators to meet the
needs of all aspects of ministry: Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights for children and youth, Sunday
morning and community events for adults, and the support and care of families. Plan regular
Orientation/Training sessions once or twice a year.
• Ministry Mindset: Overall ministry mindset. Serve Valley Church as a whole. Understand that our first
calling is to serve the whole church, followed by serving in our specific ministry area. This also includes
building the Kingdom Ministry by supporting and partnering with other churches in the community or
EFCA to be a resource and help them develop a ministry to serve families with special needs.
• Curriculum Development: Provide curriculum to meet the needs of the students/adults in their different
rooms or individually to help them learn to their best ability.
• Appreciation: Show appreciation to our volunteers in a variety of ways throughout the year and
personally on a regular basis.
• Security: Disciple a team of training team members to observe the students, write their profiles, train
the volunteers, and be available to handle the unknowns. Communicate and maintain policies and
procedures as needed to ensure the safety and well-being of volunteers, children, adults, and their
families or staff.
• Teamwork: Promote a spirit of harmony and good will toward other leadership, staff, and volunteers.
Work with the Children’s Ministry team during Great Pumpkin Party, Easter with Kids, and other events
that benefit special needs families and adults.
• Administrative: Create and oversee the ministry budget. Work closely with the administrative assistant
to produce calendars, job descriptions, event sign ups, and other tasks that come with leading the
• Other duties as delegated by your supervisor.