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United Presbyterian Church of Blairsville – Pastor

137 N Walnut St

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Presbyterian (PCA)

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Job Description


The pastor has primary responsibility for providing spiritual and administrative leadership of the church. He/She will use their skills in proclamation of the gospel, growing discipleship and providing pastoral care to meet the needs of the congregation and members of the community.


Preaching the gospel

●      Adhere to Directory of Worship of Book of Order (Constitution of the Presbyterian Church, USA) in planning and carrying out worship services and programs. Serve as spiritual leader of the congregation, which will include proclaiming the gospel and leading worship on Sunday mornings and during special services including communion, baptism, traditional marriage, and funerals.

●      A special focus is needed to design/deliver worship services that appeal to long-time members, families, and youth. Provide accessible services for those with disabilities or lack of access and develop ways to involve children and youth in the worship service.

Outreach and Evangelism

●      Develop and implement ministry programs – Coordinating, delegating, and overseeing the planning of outreach and charitable activities (assisting with the food pantry) in the surrounding neighborhoods and work with other community churches and organizations to further service and enhance the mission of the church. Inclusive of visitation to shut-ins (to include communion), persons-in-crisis and others as needed. Train Deacons and Congregation members to assist in said efforts.

●      Lead the process for new member outreach, training and on-boarding; specifically, by visiting prospective new members, teaching new members’ orientation class, and assisting Session and appropriate committee with assimilation of new and prospective members in the life and ministry of the church.

Leadership and Vision

●      Serve as the Head of Staff; provide input and general direction to the staff in their weekly areas of responsibility. Conduct staff meetings as appropriate. Provide input and participate in all staff annual performance reviews with the Personnel Committee. All staff are accountable to the Session through the Pastor, Head of Staff. Recommend and advise on the selection of all church staff.

●      Serve as moderator of Session. In this capacity, provide support and training for the Session Committees, Deacons and other church organizations as needed. Work with Session, as well as the staff, to develop and implement programs that shepherd our congregation’s understanding and to practice the Biblical principles of stewardship. Prepare a monthly report for Session that highlights job-related activities. Author regular newsletter messages; including the use of social media posts.

●      Administer the Leonard Memorial Fund in accordance with its guidelines for benevolence ministry and service.

●      Attend continuing education programs for spirituality and professional growth and for personal health.

Church Ministries

●      Help create meaningful education and events for the congregation and maintain the existing programs of the church. Act as a counselor for different situations such as pre-marriage, baptism, confirmation, end-of-life, and difficult life circumstances.

●      Develop a vision for youth ministry (in partnership with Session and the Christian Education Committee); demonstrate and practice relational skills with students, parents, and staff. Integrate youth ministry into all phases of church life to enhance the overall vison of the church. Recruit, motivate and train youth and adult leaders for church programs.


●      Work with appropriate committees and persons to coordinate, evaluate, train and promote stewardship within the congregation.


The Pastor shall be accountable to The Presbytery of Kiskiminetas for participation in the larger ministry of the church. The Pastor and the Session exercise mutual accountability for the ministry and mission of the congregation.


**Bachelor’s degree in related field of study, Master’s Degree in Divinity Studies from an accredited college/university

**2-5 years of experience as an Associate Pastor or Solo Pastor preferred; consideration will also be given to candidates with Youth Pastoral Experience and/or ministry experience during college.

**Ordained Minister from PCUSA or full communion partner denominations; Pastors/ministers (candidates) of other Christian Faith denominations will be considered under the Book of Order

G-2.0505 Transfer of Ministers of Other Denominations.  Must successfully pass ordination exams.

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