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Uncommon Pursuit – Director of Media and Online Presence

11877 Douglas Rd, Ste 102153
Johns Creek,

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Director of Media and Online Presence


Parachurch Organization

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Job Description

In Uncommon Pursuit’s online community, Community Facilitators nurture conversations that facilitate spiritual growth. With compassion and wisdom, they empower our diverse members to wrestle with complex issues of faith and discover God’s truth. Community Facilitators are humble leaders devoted to nurturing members’ spiritual journeys toward Christlikeness.

Is this you?
• You thrive on studying Scripture and integrating spiritual practices into daily life.
• You wholeheartedly affirm the Nicene Creed and Cape Town Commitment.
• You love carefully researching complex questions and distilling key insights.
• You can summarize advanced concepts simply and clearly without losing nuance.
• You’re sensitive to different cultures and value diverse perspectives.
• Friends describe you as an empathetic listener and thoughtful guide.
• You have a warm, caring heart for walking with people through life’s struggles.
• You enjoy a daily friendship with God.

Your Responsibilities:
• Build Community: Welcome new members and cultivate a hospitable, friendly environment.

• Care for Members: Demonstrate genuine care and respond with empathy to support members’ spiritual journeys towards Christlikeness.

• Foster Learning: Stimulate curiosity by curating resources and asking thoughtful, open-ended questions. Summarize and present quality research in an accessible way.

• Guide Discussions: Gracefully align conversations with community values and statements of faith. As needed, apply moderation policies to disruptive or off-topic posts.

• Model virtues: Exhibit the fruits of the Spirit and the love of Christ in your interactions.

• Collaborate with leadership: Coordinate with the Executive Director and Community Leaders to strengthen our community.

• Understand our courses: Gain firsthand familiarity with the concepts and discipleship approach in Uncommon Pursuit’s courses. Compassionately encourage and guide members as they engage in these transformative learning experiences.

• Administrative responsibilities: Accurately document and report all hours worked.

In dependence on God, and with love for each member, Community Facilitators enable the Uncommon Pursuit community to be an environment where every member can flourish in their spiritual journey toward Christlikeness.